6 things to eat when you want to give your sexdrive a boost

6 things to eat when you want to give your sexdrive a boost

By Sabine, 27.10.2022

Are you experiencing a sexual dry spell? Is your libido at an all time low? No worries! There are several ways to boost up your lust for sex. Using aphrodisiacs is one of them. Afrodisi-what?  Aphrodisiacs are substances that can help give your sexuale desire a boost and we are happy to tell you that a lot of them are food. These are six yummy edibles that will jump start your libido. 


Of course not his nuts. Certain nuts, like pistachios, walnuts and almonds, contain L- arginine and vitamin E. These vitamins help to keep your heart healthy. But they also boost up your libido. So next time you crave a snack, choose nuts over a bowl of popcorn. 


The scent of basil is one of the most erotic scents in the world. In the early days women used the leaves on their skin to lure (sexual) partners. For the Romans basil was the symbol of love and therefore sacred. 


A century ago French newlyweds were served three courses of asparagus to get in the mood for their steamy wedding night. Asparagus contain kalium, vitamine A and C, thiamine and folic acid. This last one especially influences the intensity of your climax. Asparagus, anyone? 


Adding honey to your meals once in a while can help boost your sexual desire. Honey is full of nutrients, like nitric oxide and boron. The nutrients improve – surprise- your blood circulation and the natural sugars give you more energy.

Dark chocolate

Do you have a sweet tooth? You will be happy to know that eating dark chocolate boosts your sex drive. When you eat chocolate, happy chemicals are released in your brain. Dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine, it stimulates the same hormone production as your body does when it is having sex. Sex couldn’t be sweeter. 


You must have heard stories about oysters making you horney. That’s because it’s true! Oysters contain a large amount of zinc and that helps the virility ánd boosts the sperm count!

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