8 ways to prepare for your first nude holiday

8 ways to prepare for your first nude holiday

By Rebecca, 05.06.2018

The first time you do something nude can be a bit intimidating. The first time you undress in front of someone, the first time you go to a club where nudity is allowed, the first time you go to a nude beach… and perhaps the first time you go on a nude holiday.

If you’ve made the leap to book a naked vacation – you might have some questions on how to prepare. Don’t worry – we’ve done the research for you!

1. Pack Clothes You Can Remove Easily

As much as you might joke about not needing clothes on your nude vacation, you should still pack some. It is recommended to pack clothes that are easily removed like sarongs, button down shirts, bathrobes, etc. If you’re on a nude cruise ship, there are typically policies that require you to have fabric between your genitals and any part of the ship – so take things that are easy to do this with.

2. It’s Harder to Get Naked Later On

If you’re nervous about getting naked, it can actually be easier to start the day off by being naked. If you start your day being fully dressed, it might seem more intimidating to take off your clothes. Your nerves might wake you up extra early anyway, so there will be fewer people awake and it will be easier to get used to. If you wear clothes right away, you’ll feel like people will notice when you take them off.

If you’re really uncomfortable, then you can wait to take off your clothes. Try to see what other people are doing. Is everyone walking around butt naked or are people covering up until a certain moment. It might be harder to take them off later in the day (for the above reasons) but if it makes you feel better about blending in, then do whatever feels right for you.

3. Prepare for No Pockets

It’s something you might not have thought about but you’re not going to have any pockets. This means that your wallet or room key has nowhere to go unless you think of a plan ahead of time.  You can bring a small purse with you or a wrist wallet, or a waterproof pouch. You’re probably not going to have your cell phone on you either unless you have a plan.

4. Check the Dress Code

If you’re on a cruise ship, there will be some kind of dress code – especially for a more formal dinner. You don’t want to just pack beach ware and end up being the people who missed the memo. It should be fairly easy to find on the details of the cruise ship.

If the cruise ship ports and debarks at any point, make sure to bring appropriate clothing for that too.

5. Gym Clothes Needed

If you’re planning on working out on your vacation, don’t forget to bring some of your gear. You don’t have to be naked for the whole time – even if it is a nude holiday. Sports bras and other sports ware have a functional purpose above the fashion statement. Don’t forget it at home!

6. Protect from the Sun

It’s very possible that this is the first time parts of your body will be seeing the sun. Your arms might be used to it, but I guarantee you that there are more sensitive areas that might go into shock – bright red, sunburnt shock. Bring sunscreen, bring a hat and bring something to help you cover up your sun-sensitive areas.

Similarly, don’t forget insect repellent. You’ll have no clothing to protect you from bites, so make sure you have a plan.

7. Night Time Can Get Cold

Unless you love being cold, sometimes a small breeze can leave you feeling very chilly. As much fun as it might be to be nude and free – make sure you have an option for when you need some warmth. Especially if you’re near a beach or on a cruise ship – those breezes can be fierce.

8. An Open Mind

Your holiday is probably not filled with runway models lounging naked in the sun. It’s a holiday filled with real people (you included). There will be life-long nudists and newbies like you. Keep an open mind to not judge people’s choices. The nudist community is often a super inviting one – so be part of that good vibe.

Bring your confidence, embrace the new experience, and have a wonderful vacation!

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