Erotic Story: The Nightingale Visit
Erotic story

Erotic Story: The Nightingale Visit

By Victoria, 06.10.2022

Without giving it much further thought, I grab a nursing uniform and change myself into a nurse in the bathroom. While my heart is pounding, I casually walk past the nurses’ station and quickly vanish into room 469.

Like a teenager on hormone overdrive, I am skipping my way home from work and think about the steps I need to take to get ready for the evening. Tonight, we will have our second date and if it is going to be half as good as the first one, I am in for a treat. It had been my first date arranged by dating app and to be honest my expectations were not set very high, as I think, or thought, these kinds of dates are utterly unromantic. However, during first our date, we connected on a deep emotional level and experienced an intense physical attraction, which could be described by some as love at first sight. We decided not to act on it at that moment, but I know tonight we will not be able to ignore the attraction anymore. It will just be a matter of time, but in my mind, I am already all over his body.

With uplifting music loudly present in my room, I perfect my appearance and pick my most sexy underwear for him to discover under my colorful dress. Fully prepared and excited I leave the house when I suddenly receive a phone call from him and instantly get a weird feeling in my stomach. “I have been in an accident. Don’t worry, I will be fine, but I am in the hospital with both my legs broken. Mostly I am extremely annoyed I have to cancel our date. You have been occupying my mind ever since our date”, he explains relatively calmly. It takes me a second to process the information and the urge to see him only increases. “Oh, God. Of course, I am worried. Would it be okay to come and see you in the hospital?”, I ask hopefully. “Yes, please! I will send you the address”, he responds. When he hangs up I start running in a random direction in the hope to see him sooner.

…the least I can do is provide you with some sexual healing”, I say before I kiss him, letting my hand slowly move down to his groin…

When I eventually get to the hospital it is already late and I rush up to the orthopedics department. “He is in room 469, but visiting hours have just ended. You can come back tomorrow at eleven”, the nurse behind the nurses’ station informs me kindly, after I have explained who I am looking for. I breathe in aggressively and internally tell the universe to go fuck itself. I will see him tonight. I move out of the view of the nurse and start to think about a plan when I suddenly see a trolley filled with nurses’ uniforms. Without giving it much further thought, I grab one and change myself into a nurse in the bathroom. While my heart is pounding, I casually walk past the nurses’ station and quickly vanish into room 469. There he is, lying in bed with both his legs in a cast. Still, a big smile appears on his face as soon as he sees me. The sight of him makes me happy and sad simultaneously and I hurry over to the bed and hold him in my arms. “What happened?”, I ask worriedly. “I have to be honest, but don’t feel bad. I was thinking of you and crossed the street without looking. Then a car hit me”, he explains with a guilty grin on his face. I look at him with big eyes and do not know what to say. “It’s okay. It will be a great story for our grandchildren”, he laughs. “Well, since I am the indirect cause of this, the least I can do is provide you with some sexual healing“, I say before I kiss him, letting my hand slowly move down to his groin, and await his reaction.

“I want you inside of me so badly”, I whisper through our silent moans.

I feel how shivers run through his body and his kissing becomes more intense, but also less controlled. He lays his big hand on the back of my head and lets it engulf my skull, while I move mine with teasing movements closer to his dick. The desire to give him pleasure takes over me like a previously hidden instinct and I let his dick grow in the comfort of my hand. I continue to kiss him, as I need to resist the urge to tell him that I love him. Instead, my hand slides down over the hospital gown, towards his knees and moves up again under the gown, touching his skin. The muscles in his leg contract when I stop my upward journey and squeeze gently. Just before I am back where I started, he stops kissing me and looks at me with a grateful expression. I hold the gaze while I let the palm of my hand slide over his hard and warm flesh. Both our breaths instantly become heavier and it seems like our bodies are energetically connected. His pleasure is my pleasure. While his cock continues to get harder, I feel my cunt getting wetter. My grip tightens and so do my pelvic muscles. Gently I start to move the loose skin over the solid erectile tissue and test my multitasking skills by kissing his neck concurrently with a skillful mix of lips and tongue. While I am satisfying him, he holds me in his arms, as to say thank you. “I want you inside of me so badly”, I whisper through our silent moans.

As soon as I have uttered the words, he slowly pulls down the elastic band that is holding up the nursing scrubs, far enough to let gravity to the rest. Subsequently revealing my sensual red lace underwear meant for the highlight of our planned date. Before I remove them I let my hand slide over the part covering my entrance and feel it is immersed with my juices. No one before has managed to get me so wet without touching me and the thought of his cock filling me up makes me wild. I let the underwear join the pants on the ground and quickly kick my shoes off and step out of the little pile of clothing. With admiration, he observes at my newly uncovered body part, before pulls me onto the bed. On my knees with his hips them, I let my wet cunt descend and glide up and down, lubricating his cock. I let my body rise again to create space and hold his smooth glans against my clit for a short while before I insert it into myself. As soon as the tip is surrounded by my moist insides, I remove my hand and let my body sink all the way down onto his. While I push my body down as hard as I can, he pushes up until he is deep inside of me. With his hands, he continuously pulls me towards his body and thrust has hard as he can, resulting in aggressive, but slow-paced fucking. The combination of the feelings I have for him and the manner in which he controls my body on top of his, makes me come quicker than ever before. Somehow, I feel he is about to come as well and therefore do not stop fucking until I feel he does. His back arches, pushing me up higher into the air for my second orgasm. I let myself fall forward into his arms and want to stay like this forever.

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