Erotic Story: Pornstar calibre
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Pornstar calibre

By Yentl, 03.11.2022

“Honey, the curtains are wide open,” I laugh as he parades through the bedroom naked. 

“So what! Pretty exciting, right?!” He replies with a smile while he makes an extra jump. 

Naked he falls on the bed and playfully crawls up to me. 

“What are you coming to do?” I ask semi excited.

“What does it look like?”


His eyes sparkle. He is in a mischievous mood.

Suddenly he pulls the sheets of me and looks at my half-naked body. In no time his hands have found my string and he playfully pulls it down. He smiles at me before lowering his head and pressing his tongue between my labia.

“Babe, please close the curtains.”

“Fuck the curtains, I’m busy” he mutters to my wetness.

This man. Unbelievable. I close my eyes and decide that no one is looking. 

His tongue races past my clit. He makes smacking noises and moans excitedly. It’s good, it’s amazing. 

My hands cling to the sheets he’s crumpled around us. His tongue feels rough and strong and he soon has me to the brink.

He stops and looks at me with glistening lips. 

“I want you,” he gasps softly. 


My hand reaches for the lamp on my nightstand. 

“No, no,” he says quickly and slaps my hand away, “leave the light on.”

“Everyone can see us!” I exclaim in surprise. 

“I’m sure no one is watching and if they are, we’d better give them a good show, right?”

He winks and positions himself between my legs. 

A few times he slides his cock head teasingly through my lips. Then once down, along my buttocks. My pleas are on the tip of my tongue when he decides to squeeze himself in.

It feels full, immensely horny and above all delicious. Somewhere in the back of my mind travels the question of what this scene should look like from the outside. I try to ignore it. 

He starts thrusting. Raw and full of surrender. His dark hair dances around his head and his fingers have captured my left nipple. 

“Your insides, it is indescribable. So delicious,” he gasps as he picks up the pace. 

While the idea that anyone can see us was embarrassing at first, it’s exciting now. I do my best, suppose someone is watching

Between us I let a hand move towards my vagina and start to put pressure on my clit. With my other hand I find his ass and bury my nails in it.

“Yeah, nice dear,” he encourages me.

His thrusts get wilder and my hand bounces to his rhythm.

We kiss, violently and completely exaggerated. It’s not the horniness that takes over.

“Turn around,” he shouts sternly. 


I sit in front of him like a faithful dog and feel him grab my hair tightly, support my hip and thrusts himself back in. 

We are loud. It seems extra loud now that there is a chance someone will see us. My porn star calibre is completely fuelled and I make an attempt to stick my nails into his thighs.  

The hand he has tied around my hip makes its way down and begins to play with my clit. More and more rounds and more and more pressure. We are unstoppable and I wonder if he feels watched too. 

His breathing increases as my legs tighten. 

“You get so nice and tight all of a sudden,” he moans. 

He already feels it. My orgasm is not far away. To encourage him, I start to moan uncontrollably.

“Don’t stop, keep going,” I gasp.


I am coming. I try my best to look as sexy as possible, but it completely takes me over. My body starts to shake and I struggle to stay on my hands and knees. 

“Fuck, you were so nice” he growls while the sensitivity is too much for me. 

As soon as I start to whimper, he pulls back and grabs my hair up and towards him.

“Just finish it,” he gasps and presses his wet head against my mouth. 

After barely three big sucks I feel his cum flowing through my mouth. The pornstar in me reappears and I gave him a look as I lick him clean. What open curtains can’t do to you. 

As soon as I let myself fall backwards on the bed, he grabs his phone.

“Shit” he says with a stuffy undertone.

Then he shows his screen.

“Nice neighbours, next time close your curtains.” 

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