The Marathon: part 3
Erotic story

The Marathon: part 3

By Victoria, 19.10.2019

  Mapa and Bella were already six hours and a total of ten orgasms, into their sex marathon and the world around them had lost all its importance. For the moment it was just them, the music, and the flow of energy that was guiding them deeper into the dimension of lust. During one moment of rest in between a session, Bella was very conscious about the briefness of the periods in between the acts and the inexhaustible nature of the female physique; Mapa continued to stay wet and libidinous throughout. The potency of the connection between the women was incredibly immense, and the sensitivity of all their nerves had risen high; each touch had become amazingly influential. 

Bella was lightly licking Mapa’s tightened nipples, each movement sending powerful energy currents all the way through the heated body. Mapa was able to feel each touch not only at the place of contact, but also in her head, heart, and vagina. Each motion a little energetic migration towards yet another climax. Bella had all her awareness focussed on the touch of her lips on the soft skin beneath them. Persistently she descended. The experience of finding simultaneous pleasure was affirming in the connection they had. However, sensing the enjoyment of the other person while focussing solely on their pleasure, had its unique fervour too. 

They had communicated intensively during and after each experience, and we’re getting to know their preferences, wishes, and desires. Therefore, it was embedded in Bella’s wisdom that simple light touches of her tongue after a climax had the ability to catapult Mapa anew into a state of bliss. She placed sparse kisses on Mapa’s thigh’s, subliminally moving further inwards until lips were on lips. Slowly, she separated them with her fingers and could feel the built-up heat escaping into the environment. The tip of her tongue teasingly touched the sensitive knob containing the quiver of lust within. Mapa was moaning silently, but with deep passion. The energy continued to rise persistently and burst gradually into ecstasy. 

The rhythm had decreased, and for a moment they were just in a static hug. No words were spoken, no movements were created. In the staticity of the moment, Mapa was able to feel her heartbeat knocking in different parts of her flesh. She closed her eyes and fixated on the feeling. 

ella’s mind was strolling in fantasies, fantasies that were in wild contrast with the current energy in the bedroom. She wanted to feel Mapa deep inside of her. Suddenly, she had to squinch her eyes. A ray of sunlight had found an angle through the curtains. Bella moved towards the windows and sealed it completely off so that no sunlight would ever have any chance of reaching into the room again. She remained in the kneeling position at the end of the bed, feeling Mapa’s eyes wandering over her body. Indeed, she immediately felt aroused again.   

Mapa placed her body behind that of Bella, pressed her flesh against it, and subsequently engulfed it from the front with her arms. Bella tilted her head backwards, enlarging the surface of her neck for Mapa to kiss. Starting from the ear, Mapa worked her way down, while massaging Bella’s breasts with her hands. Bella got more aroused with each kiss until they turned into little bites. The staticity had completely vanished, and their bodies were in a pursuit of satisfaction once more. 

“Touch me, Mapa,” 

While one hand remained on a breast, the other glided down over the belly towards Bella’s warm and wet crotch. Bella pressed her body harder onto Mapa’s when she felt the fingers rubbing on and around her clit. Mapa continued to hold the shivering body firmly in her arms, as she gradually increased the pressure and speed of the rubbing. With a mind of its own, Bella’s hand joined down under to guide the movements. 

“Like this,” she said, and indicated with her hand to use all four fingers instead of just two, and increase the motion of the circles. “Yes!”

She let go of Mapa’s hand, reached behind her and held Mapa’s head instead, urging her to press her body even hard against her. She wanted to feel as much of Mapa as possible. 

Mapa’s mouth was next to Bella’s ear, and she felt she needed to seize the position to stimulate Bella’s brain with soft vibrations in the form of intriguing sexually loaded word formations. 

“The way your body moves in my arms feels so amazing. I love to feel the pleasure you are experiencing. You are so gorgeous.” 

Bella responded immediately, the words made her feel extremely attractive and confident, and her moans turned into groans, and the movements of her body turned from passionate to savagely fierce. 

“Your sounds are so sexy! Don’t hold back!”

Bella started moaning even louder and simultaneously felt new impulses and cravings ascending from the heightened state of arousal. 

“I want to feel you inside of me. I want to feel you as deep inside of me as possible,” she uttered nearly in a helpless tone. 

 Bella turned around. The sight of Mapa’s face made her feel like she was utterly in love with her. She was not sure. She was undoubtedly in love with the current moment. She started kissing Mapa, and Mapa put her hands back in its former place, moving more backwards, and slowly letting one finger glide inside of Bella. It was more the idea than the actual sensation which set Bella on fire. Mapa moved deeper into the canal of pleasure and creation until she could no more. She repeated the process a couple of times before she added the second finger. Bella moaned loudly in the process. She felt incredibly vulnerable but was willing to give all of herself to Mapa — every last bit. She pushed Mapa down, and with the fingers still inside of her, moved on top. Sensually, she put all of her being in motion, and let Mapa’s finger reach deep inside of her. 

“Put one more finger.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I want to feel more of you!”

Mapa did as requested and put a third finger inside of Bella. The surrounding warm flesh engulfed the three fingers in a perfect manner. Both women closed their eyes and focussed on the sensations of their movements. Bella could feel how Mapa was touching different parts inside of her. Mapa consciously observing the physical and auditory reactions from Bella — clearly, she was drowning in passion and lust. Still, she wanted more. She wanted to feel even closer to Mapa.

“Wait, move like this,” she said and pulled Mapa legs to the edge of the bed. 

“I don’t understand what you want.”

“Just sit on the edge of the bed, and put your hand as you had it before.” 

Mapa did as instructed and pointed her fingers in the direction of Bella body, which was now floating above them. Bella knew this was the position that would give her the most satisfaction; it had been with men as well. She held on to Mapa’s neck, and with a slight angle, she moved herself onto Mapa’s fingers, who was attentively observing and everything that was unfolding. It had to be admitted; it was all a novelty for her — a strong focus on penetration

Bella was in full control of the major movements, while Mapa was experimenting with different positions of her fingers. When Bella nearly started screaming, she knew she had found the perfect angle. Now, Bella began to thrust her body forcefully down onto Mapa. Quickly she realised the length of Mapa’s fingers was perfect for the size of her vaginal canal, and she could thrust without any reservations. She was in full bliss, and her consciousness expanded beyond her physical body, making her unaware of the incredibly loud volume of her screams. Mapa enjoyed every bit of it, in awe she listened and watched. 

“I can feel everything, everything,” Mapa whispered as she felt the muscles surrounding her fingers contract, more forcefully each time. “I love being inside of you. So deep inside of you.” 

The words continued to echo in Bella’s mind, and with all the energy that was available in her body at that time, she continued to increase speed and force. 

Mapa’s hand was slightly hurting, but it was worth the sacrifice, she felt the contractions getting stronger and stronger. Bella concentrated on keeping the rhythm, as deep inside of her an energy was expanding. Forcefully, she held herself upwards with the help of Mapa’s body, who’s stamina was tested in maintaining strength. The energy started to flow through Bella’s being, and into Mapa’s it seemed. Then, the movements slowed down but continued to increase in force. Mapa was in a state of bewilderment. She had physically felt the orgasm happen. 

“Wow!” was the only thing Mapa uttered. 

Exhausted and sweaty, Bella let herself fall on the bed. She needed a short break, but knew they would continue to recreate and relive all their experiences soon after.

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