Erotic Story: French vineyards
Erotic story

Erotic Story: French vineyards

By Sabine, 19.10.2023

Over the edge of my book, I nonchalantly watch Mark moving through the water in the swimming pool. Wave after wave rolls over his sun-tanned body and I can’t keep my eyes off of him. The protagonists in my book fade away with his sexy appearance. 

A soft sigh escapes my lips when he stands up straight in the shallow part of the pool. He brushes back his wet hair and my eyes follow the drops sliding down his body. He pulls himself up on the edge and unsuspectingly sits down on the side of the pool. Without realizing it, I playfully suck in my bottom lip. 

Mark smiles at me, one of his eyes half-closed because of the bright sunlight. This look always gives him the playful appearance that I love so much.

‘What’s up?,’ he asks smiling.

‘Nothing…,’ I reply with a big smile on my face. 

For a moment, he looks at me and I see his eyes moving along my sunbed, roaming over my body. Every bit of my bikini is taken in and eventually his eyes seem to keep resting on the sunscreen oil. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the pure peace that this private cottage in the middle of the French vineyards provides us.

‘Are you looking for someone to rub you in, maybe?,’ he asks as he looks from the bottle to me and back again. 

His look changes. He cautiously adopts an enthusiastic wait-and-see attitude. 

‘Always,’ I answer with a grin. 

He stands effortlessly, shakes off the water and walks to the small side-table under the parasol, still dripping. My eyes don’t leave him for a second. He is sexy, in a thrilling way and his body is the epitome of sex appeal for me. Unnoticed, I watch the way his strong fingers pick up the bottle of sunscreen oil and just like that, I feel a tingle between my legs. As if his small act already stirs up enough inside of me. I smile at him, way too naughtily, as he walks towards me. 

‘Just turn around. Then I’ll start with your back.’ 

He follows it up with a little wink, effortless but full of meaning. I lower the sunbed down and turn around obediently. I feel him placing his legs on either side next to mine and then he pulls open the strings of my bikini in one fluid movement. First, his fingertips softly caress my neck to move my long hair to the side. Then I feel him spraying the oil on my back, followed by his firm touch. I sigh unnoticed and feel his fingers sliding back and forth again and again. Up and down and back again. He briefly massages my neck, spreads the rest of the oil over my shoulders and provides my arms with protection.

‘Do you want a rub here too?,’ he smiles as he fills his fist tightly with my neck hair and playfully pulls on it.

Shit, how arousing such an innocent move can be … I moan softly and give him a playful slap on his thighs. Before I know it, I feel his body shift and a few squirts of sunscreen land on my buttocks. He grabs my bikini bottom with a few fingers, pulls them together like a thong and starts massaging my buttocks

‘Jesus Sophia, you have such a nice ass.’ 

He sighs as I smile contentedly. His hands fill with my skin and he kneads firmly. Undoubtedly, it must be a nice view for him. I think he can get a very good look at everything this way. Every now and then, I feel his fingertips sink further down, and even threaten to disappear in between. 

Then he continues with my upper legs, lower legs and finally rubs my feet. It’s a real pleasure and if I didn’t know any better, I’d think he’s made a career out of this. 

‘Other side,’ he says and gives me a playful slap on my ass. 

I shiver, my body’s yearning. Then I turn over and lie on my back, without taking the effort to refasten my bikini top again. Mark laughs, it’s his familiar “I know what you want” laugh. 

He deliberately starts at my ankles, continues with my lower legs and upper legs. His fingertips slide longingly through my groin several times as he looks straight at me. Every now and then, they slip under the side of my panties and accidentally almost touch my now very sensitive spot. 

I’m hot, bloody hot, and it’s not just the French sun.

A generous dollop of oil slides over my stomach where he only slides his fingertips in my panties to evenly spread the oil. His hands massage my waist. Sometimes they grip me firmly, just like he would during heavy sex. My stomach glistens in the sunlight and I hold my breath the moment he reaches my breasts. He pumps oil onto my breasts from the bottle. Big blobs. 

‘I wouldn’t want these beauties to burn.’ 

A playful glint appears in his eyes and with the utmost concentration he starts massaging my breasts. My breathing speeds up immediately, and I try to keep calm. His wet hair drips onto my stomach, I moan softly and do my best to stay still. My body would really much rather wriggle under his touch.

He takes his time and with every move he makes, I feel my excitement growing. As soon as the tips of his thumbs gently circle my nipples, I’m practically losing it. 

‘Hmmm,’ he moans softly, coming a little closer. 

After a final movement, he slides his right hand to my neck and he grabs and squeezes it gently, driving me crazy. His other hand slides down along my side, towards my bikini bottom. His fingers smoothly disappear inside and he buries them between my heated lips.

Mark hovers over me, brings his mouth to my ear and whispers: ‘Now tell me what else I can help you with.’ 

I moan softly as I close my arms around his neck and let my legs fall open wider. I secretly know that I don’t have to explain anything, he knows exactly what I want. His thumb gently circles my clit. My hands fill with his hair and automatically start massaging. 

He moans softly in my ear: ‘Shit, you’re so wet.’

My teeth find his bottom lip and I playfully bite it as he mumbles something arousing against my mouth. The sun is burning on my skin and just the fact that we are outdoors makes this even more thrilling. He pulls back with a grin, my body shivering as his fingers slip out of me. His eyes piercing mine, he undoes my bikini bottom. My hand slides over his wet swimming trunks, rubbing his hard-on. My mouth drops open slightly of pure lust. My bikini bottom has turned into just a piece of fabric, dropping somewhere next to the sunbed. 

Mark pushes up his body, takes off his trunks and stands in front of the sunbed, in full naked glory. His body glistens with drops and heat, his hair all messy and his hard-on protruding proudly. Then he sits down, leans over to put his arm around my waist and pulls me onto his lap.

A short, startled scream resounds through the garden. Again, I put my arms around his neck, lift my buttocks a bit and then lower myself over him. Bit by bit, he fills me up. Ever further, ever deeper. With an intense gaze, he looks at me. Between us, his hand wanders down again. This round, he chooses not to circle my clit, but instead applies pressure to the sensitive spot itself. 

Completely heated, I start to move. Jesus, this feels so good. His free hand has closed around my butt cheek and massages it to my rhythm. It’s intense, intimate and I already feel like I’m about to explode. Our moaning is getting louder and more intense and I’m getting out of breath. Somewhere in the distance, I feel acidification rising in my thighs, but I refuse to surrender to it. I don’t want this to stop yet. I want to enjoy this a little bit longer, here among the French vineyards.

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