Erotic Story: Forbidden lust
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Forbidden lust

By Yentl, 20.04.2023

It can’t happen. It’s wrong. You don’t belong to me, but I can’t resist you. Your dark eyes, your long brown locks. The way you move your hands and wet your lips. It gives me a tingling feeling between my legs, too strong to ignore. I smile, turning up the corners of my mouth and put on my naughtiest look. I know the effect this has on you. You can’t resist me either. 

Your hand slowly moves towards my face. You don’t notice, but I’m holding my breath. Your touch generates a warm tingling, and instantly desire shoots through my body. Uncontrolled and at full force. My legs feel weak and I sigh to release the tension.

Your fingertips caress my cheek and your thumb rests on my lower lip, just a little too long. Your gaze is way too intense and betrays you want me. You suffer from the same desires, the same mixed feelings. The air between us is loaded and crackling. I carefully open my mouth and give your thumb just the little bit of space it needs to enter. Effortlessly, I close my lips around it and suck it softly. 

Your gaze changes. I’ve got you. With the right pressure, my tongue wanders along the tip of your thumb. Warm and wet. You sigh, your breath is loaded. Breath full of intensity. You are charged. Again, that mischievous smile. I make the mistake of looking into your eyes too long and almost drown in them.

As soon as you withdraw your finger, I feel a sense of loss. For a moment, your thumb rests on my bottom lip. Wet and warm. You suck in your own lower lip as your eyes wander down. You don’t say anything but from your posture I can sense that your imagination is running wild. For the umpteenth time. 

Maybe this is happening exactly because it can’t be. Because this is forbidden and done in secret… but it’s out of control. Your finger wanders down along my chin and neck and across my breasts, leaving behind a wet trail. It tickles. Your hand smoothly moves around one of my breasts and slowly and purposefully you start to knead. 

A soft moan escapes my mouth, and automatically, you press me tighter against the wall as your eyes shoot along the long corridor. There’s nobody there. We’re alone on this floor of the office building. 

‘If you only knew what you do to me,’ you sigh excitedly in my ear. 

My insides are about to explode. My chest is going up and down between us and I can’t seem to control my trembling legs. You press your forehead against mine. You’re trying hard to control yourself, but it’s not working. 

Your hand keeps massaging for a while. It drives me crazy. Your breathing speeds up and it feels warm in my face. You swallow hard before your hand moves further down and finds the edge of my pants. Tentatively, you start undoing the button. Excruciatingly slowly, followed by the zipper that you slide down. 

‘Fuck,’ you sigh. 

I can hear the desperation in your voice. You’re fighting inside, just like me, but your lust seems to be stronger than your common sense. Carefully, your fingers trace along the edge of my thong. They caress the lace and then curl around the top. You pull me tighter against you, flatten your hand against my lower belly and slide your fingers inside my panties. 

I moan in excitement and automatically press my pelvis closer to you. Your fingers feel warm against my skin and as soon as they reach my sensitive spot, I swallow loudly. Your eyes meet mine shortly, filled with a combination of panic and pure lust. Panting, you tell me how wet I am, while your fingers are sliding through my wetness. They distribute it through my labia and before I know it, you slide a finger inside. Followed by another one. 

You mumble something about how tight I am and how horny you’ve been with me all this time. I smile nervously and without thinking I press my lips against yours. In no time they give me room to slide my tongue inside your mouth. Our tongues dance around each other. My body is under high voltage, it feels as if all tension is finding a way out. It feels so good, and honestly? We’ve been waiting way too long for this. 

I surrender to you. To everything you want to do with me. You press your body firmly against mine. Tight and fully committed. You bury your fingers even deeper inside me and move them one by one. This is the first time you touch me there, but you know exactly what you have to do to make me shake. While your fingers massage my insides, you firmly press your thumb against my clit. I have no idea how you do it, but the way you carefully trace circles with your thumb drives me crazy and gets me so horny. 

I can’t control myself anymore and put my arms around your neck. They fill with your hair and the smell of your shampoo enters my nose and only seems to increase the desire. I want to feel you inside me. I need to feel you inside me. I want more than just your fingers. 

You moan against my lips. My body is so hot and I try hard to keep standing on my wobbly legs. Still in disbelief that this is really happening right now. Here, in this moment and in this place. My hand wanders down to your butt. Those well-shaped firm cheeks of yours that I admire from a distance every day. Those cheeks I’ve buried my nails in numerous times in my wildest fantasies. 

This isn’t real. This can’t be real. It’s probably going to happen, but I can’t tell yet how we could ever come to regret this. My breathing quickens, my heart is almost bursting out of my chest and I feel my muscles contracting. More than they usually do and in places I never even suspected they could. 

I start moaning uncontrollably. Your tongue is caressing my mouth even harder now. I can barely feel my legs. Your thumb is circling faster and faster. Your fingers press against my insides and I feel my nipples poking painfully against my bra. Just when I’m starting to whimper, it happens. I come. Mercilessly hard. Like a big release of weeks of pent-up tension. Like an explosion, deep inside. 

You put your free arm around my waist to support me and give me some time to let my orgasm die down. As soon as my body is recovered and I stand more steadily on my feet, you pull away from our kiss. Again, you press your forehead against mine. You smile and my body shivers the moment you withdraw your fingers.

You take a step away from me, look at me and then eagerly lick your fingers. With a naughty look you look into my eyes, wish me a nice weekend and assure me this definitely won’t be the last time. 

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