Erotic Story: A mesmerizing massage Part 1
Erotic story

Erotic Story: A mesmerizing massage Part 1

By Annabel, 30.05.2024

Gemma carefully glances around the corner of the massage room. The room is filled with calm music and a fragrant mix of aromas. Slowly, she enters the room and unties her bathrobe. When it falls halfway down her shoulders, she hears the curtain being moved. 

“Don’t startle,” a low female voice speaks softly. Gemma turns around, a slim woman with dark curls standing at the curtain smiles at her.

“I know you didn’t have an appointment with me, but there were some last-minute shifts in our schedule. Do you mind?”

“No,” Gemma stammers, “I don’t mind, I mean.”

“Good,” the lady smiles. “Just lie down, I think I know what you like.” Gemma feels a little flutter in her stomach when her new masseuse says this to her. She takes off her bathrobe and hands it over, with a fleeting touch of fingers. Gemma catches herself getting turned on by it. She slowly lowers herself onto the massage table, her skin tingling with anticipation under the skilled hands of the masseuse.

“Relax, honey,” the woman whispers as she drips warm oil onto Gemma’s skin. “I’ll take good care of you.” Why does Gemma suddenly experience these feelings? She’s been in a mega-happy relationship with her boyfriend Mike for four years now. Of course she sometimes finds a woman beautiful and attractive, but not like this. 

As the masseuse’s skilled hands glide over her oiled skin, Gemma notices that she cannot seem to relax, she catches herself having all kinds of thoughts and she tries to suppress them, but at the same time they’re too good, sexy and horny to suppress. She fantasizes about the woman’s full lips and how they do things to her that Mike never could. She has the impression that this woman could satisfy her like no one has ever done before. And she is holding herself back because she’s in a relationship. If anyone is against cheating it’s Gemma, especially after her previous relationship with a guy who certainly wasn’t averse to it.

Wouldn’t Mike find this thrilling too? They’ve talked about it before, but nothing ever came of it so far. They have never found the right third person for an exciting threesome. Maybe this masseuse is. Gemma rises abruptly, so she now sits on the massage table, also revealing her full round breasts. She can see that they draw attention.

“I want to know your name,” Gemma says. The woman looks a bit startled but flattered and in a split second looks at Gemma’s breasts again.

“Rabia,” she says with a smile. 

“You’re beautiful,” Gemma stammers.

“You too. May I?” Rabia runs her elegant long-nailed hand along Gemma’s face. Before she knows it, their lips touch, just as Gemma imagined. Still, it doesn’t feel right not to say anything about it.

“Sorry…,” Gemma apologizes as she pulls back. 

“Boyfriend?,” Rabia asks.


“Your necklace. It’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but you’d never have picked it for yourself and neither would your girlfriends.” Gemma smiles, Rabia is right.

“It’s up to you, honey. We still have 20 minutes together, you decide how we fill our remaining time.” For a long moment, Gemma looks into Rabia’s dark eyes lined with long eyelashes. Then she grabs her passionately and starts to tongue-kiss her. Gemma leans back as Rabia touches her breasts. She kneads them tenderly and then her mouth circles her nipple and sucks gently. Gemma moans. Rabia lifts her head and puts a finger on Gemma’s lips. “They can hear everything.”

Rabia finds her way down Gemma’s yearning body, her hands exploring sensually. She caresses Gemma’s thighs, slowly moving towards her intimate zone. Gemma feels a wave of excitement flowing through her body when Rabia finally reaches her wet pussy. For a moment, she holds her breath… and then Rabia slides her tongue over Gemma’s clit and slowly pushes a finger inside her hot throbbing wetness. A small shock runs through Gemma’s body with the delicious combined touch of Rabia’s warm tongue and penetrating finger, a sensation she’s never experienced with such intensity before. She lets all sensations wash over her and as Rabia performs her precise actions skillfully, each of her movements evokes soft moans and sighs of pleasure from Gemma’s lips. Gemma feels the tension building in her body and knows that she’s on the brink of an unparalleled, intense orgasm. Rabia’s tongue keeps working on her clit, as Rabia’s finger hits the exact right spot inside, and Gemma loses herself completely in the overwhelming feeling of ecstasy that surges through her.

“I’m coming,” Gemma moans softly, her voice filled with longing and arousal. “Very good,” Rabia whispers encouragingly, her words infused with sensuality as she catches Gemma’s sounds of pleasure. “Your time is almost up too, ma’am,” she adds playfully. Gemma focuses on the unmistakable feeling of heat and tingling in her vagina, a delicious sensation that’s slowly spreading throughout her body. She touches her breasts, which throb with heat and pleasure. As Rabia slowly kisses her way up, Gemma feels the world around her fade away, her mind overwhelmed by the powerful waves of pleasure that are washing over her. Her body trembles with ecstasy as Rabia tenderly and lovingly guides her to the surface of her erotic climax. Gemma’s heart pounds wildly in her chest as she surrenders to these intoxicating sensations, and all she can do is let herself go completely as the incredible pleasure washes over her.

“Hi,” she says smiling. “Hi,” Gemma returns. 

“Will you book another appointment for next week?” 

“We could also do things differently,” Gemma says hesitantly. “Would you like to come over sometime? To me and …”

“Oh? So you are looking for some adventure?”

“Not that this here … I mean, I just think it would be fun if …”

Rabia laughs. “I didn’t mean it like that! No, count me in, I’m curious about …”

“Mike, Michael actually.”

Rabia stands up and scribbles something on a piece of paper. “I’m looking forward to an evening with you and Michael then.” She gives Gemma the piece of paper with her phone number on it. “And now your time is really up Mrs. Smith. I hope you were able to relax and unwind.”

“Well, to be honest, the adrenalin is still coursing through my body. I don’t know how you do it madam masseur…”

Rabia smiles and gives Gemma a long kiss. “Just call me.”

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