This is how outdoor sex becomes a success
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This is how outdoor sex becomes a success

By Sabine, 12.06.2023

We’ve already been enjoying tropical scenes to the fullest, but the official summer season is only now really approaching. Days at the beach, wonderful festivals and sultry summer evenings bring about a lot of summer jitters! Because we understand that it is too stuffy indoors, we give the best tips for wonderful outdoor sex. 


First the not so fun, practical part. Is outdoor sex punishable in the Netherlands? Yes, public sex is punishable in the Netherlands. Of course, that does not mean that you immediately go to jail if you make a seesaw outside. Stay away from places where children come. So, don’t have sex on the slide at the local playground. You don’t want to get caught red-handed by a curious neighbourhood kid. Then your adventure falls under public indecency and then you have a problem.

Forbidden is more fun

The risk of having outdoor sex is the chance of you getting caught, but this, of course, makes outdoor sex more thrilling. And that thrill is exactly what you’re after, isn’t it? Find a secluded spot to enjoy each other and the outdoors in complete tranquillity. Do you have a fear of being spotted? Then do it in the dark. 

Less is more

Shorts and jumpsuits may look very fancy, but these clothes are extremely impractical if you and your lover want to put the flowers outside (literally). Go for a skirt or dress, without a pantyhose underneath. Then your lover can disappear sneakily between your legs. If you’re about to get caught, you can quickly straighten your clothes again. 

Must haves 

Sand between your buttocks, branches against your legs or mud in your hair can really ruin the mood. Prevent these inconveniences by simply packing a soft cloth or large beach towel. Also, do not forget condoms and wipes, so you can continue the date with a fresh and clean feeling. 


As exciting as this experience might be, try to let go of your nerves as much as possible. The tenser you are, the less you can enjoy the sex. Tension also has a negative on your sex drive.  


Just to be safe, take a tube of lubricant with you. This is especially an indispensable product if you take a (spontaneous) dip. Nobody likes rough handling. Your first inclination may be to use a water-based lubricant, but this is exactly what you don’t want to use. Choose silicone lubricant, which dries less quickly. The last tip speaks for itself: enjoy!

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