How to have sex in the tub
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How to have sex in the tub

By Emmeline Peaches, 21.02.2019

It’s one of our favorite topics here at DUSK; how to relax and chill, in a sexy way, with or without a partner. That is, besides serious politics and women’s rights of course. Now one of my favorite relaxing places to do IT is the tub.

There is a lot of potential in a large and inviting bubble bath, after all, or a bath in general for that matter. The warmth of baths releases chemicals in the body which relaxes us and makes us feel good. The cleansing elements of a bath also means that, no matter what you get up to in them, you can always leave the tub feeling squeaky clean. Not got enough time to have both sex and a shower? Then sex in a tub might be the perfect compromise.

Water and submersion also transforms how certain sensations feel. Bodies are lighter and more inclined to float in some regards, vibrations transfer differently, suction has more to work with. Returning to bubble bath, suds also act as a seduction tactic – hiding certain parts of a naked person’s body while also suggesting more just under the surface.

As a random (but useful) aside, it’s fair to say that bubbles have other benefits; chief among them being that they keep the bath clean by helping to avoid rings of debris gathering around the bathtub and that the bubbles themselves create a small, insulating barrier that keeps the bath warmer for longer.

If you’re going to have a truly memorable bubble bath or bathtub experience, though, then there are a few things to consider. Here are some of the choice offerings that we suggest…

Make Sure The Bubble Bath Is Body-Compatible

A lot of people can enjoy a bubble bath with no issue. Some, however, have sensitive skin or are prone to UTIs. In both these cases most bubble baths will cause irritation that might result in an infection or reaction. This is the number one thing to consider before surprising a partner with a sensual bubble bath.

The same goes for those who have a reaction to strong fragrances, or who have respiratory issues. It’s all fun and games until someone starts heavy breathing for all the wrong reasons.

Speaking of scent though…

Pick the Right Aroma for Amore

The fantastic thing about bubble bath, bath bombs, and other bathtub pamper products is that they tend to come with a strong fragrance and that fragrance be used to your advantage.

Find an aroma that you know your partner/s love, or both decide on a mutual fragrance for your sensual encounter. Alternatively, try experimenting with fragrances that have a reputation of being an aphrodisiac and see what it does for you when applied to warm water.

Looking for some inspiration? Watch The Bathhouse. A great porn for women video with a lot of bubbles, pleasure and sex.

Use the Right Lubricant

Water-based lubricant is brilliant…in most situations. When water meets water, though, things become a bit more…wishy-washy.

Although you’d think that the water in the tub would be enough instead you’ll be surprised to hear that water actually adds friction and makes penetration harder and perhaps even painful for some people. Because of this it’s important to select the right lubricant for the job.

Silicone lubricant handles bathtub sex well. Just make sure that you factor in the extra slipperiness it provides when holding on to and getting out of the tub. If you’re feeling daring you can also buy specific formulas which turn your entire bath in to a lubricated or slim-filled pleasure party.

The choice is yours, just choose wisely!

Bring in Toys

Many adult products are waterproof now, and even more are submersible. If looking for a bathtub toy you’ll specifically want the submersible ones, and even better if they can guarantee their rating up to a certain depth. Submersible toys allow you to add suction, vibration, and other sensations in to your sex session, making for an even more dynamic and varied way to play in the tub. Some are even shaped as actual rubber duckies!

As we’ve said before, being underwater will vary the feeling of many sex toys so even if you feel like you know your favourite wand, vibrator, or suction toy inside out you might be surprised at what happens when you submerge it. If you’re not a fan of vibrations, or don’t own any waterproof toys then remember: Dildos, cock rings, and butt plugs are all waterproof by default.

And, finally…

Embrace the Novelty of it All!

Splash around, plunge yourself under the surface, laugh, have sloppy kisses, pretend to be a mermaid (or Rose and Jack from the Titanic). Bring a bubbly atmosphere to your bubble bath! One of the best things anyone can bring to a sex session is a sense of playful humour and light-hearted enjoyment, so allow yourself this in the bathtub too.

So, go ahead, pour yourselves a brilliant bubble bath, put a big grin on your faces, and dip your toes in a new way to play. After all, we hear it’s better down where it’s wetter.

Emmeline Peaches

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