6 ideas for your first roleplaying scenario

6 ideas for your first roleplaying scenario

By Rebecca, 10.06.2024

Role-playing can be a wonderful addition to any relationship! If you’re just getting into the role-playing scene it can be intimidating to figure out where to start but that’s where we come in! We have six beginner-friendly role-playing ideas for you to test out!

As with everything, make sure everyone involved is on board with the role-playing scenario and create a safe word to ensure everyone’s comfort.

1. A Handyman and A Housewife or Vice-Versa

This might go against all of your feminist instincts but… that’s okay. It’s a fantasy. You might be able to fix your own pipes in real life, but role-playing plays into different dynamics than real life.

This is a great roleplaying situation for starting your exploration into role-playing because you can do it in the safety of your house, without many props. It doesn’t even need that much preparation – you can just go for it.

If you want to add some props, have the housewife or househusband dress up in sensual pyjamas or a bathrobe – underwear is optional. The handyman or handywoman doesn’t really need a whole toolkit. Instead, grab a belt and stick some things in it like handcuffs, a crop, a dildo, some lube, etc. You’re not really fixing the pipes, so you don’t need a full tool belt (unless you want to). 

2. A Nanny and the Mom or Dad

If you want to feel really naughty while role-playing, then add a dynamic of crossing some boundaries. The nanny might feel cliché, but it’s cliché for a reason. You can role-play being a single mom or dad or, if you’re comfortable and into that sort of thing, then you can role-play a cheating scenario where the person becomes irresistible.

Just be wary if you do actually have a nanny– make sure jealousy doesn’t take over. If either one of you feels uncomfortable with this role-playing scenario, veto it instantly. The last thing you want is feeling like your husband might actually be into the nanny, ya know?

If you’re comfortable with this dynamic, then it is an easy one to start role-playing because neither of you need to even leave the house. No costumes necessary, just tuck the kids into bed (hypothetically or not) and get straight to acting.

3. A College Student and Their Professor or A College Athlete and Their Coach

Ever had a crush on a professor or coach? Role-playing is a great way to act out an old fantasy. It doesn’t even need to be someone specific (it might be better if it isn’t specific). Playing with the power dynamics of student/professor and athlete/coach can be a fun way to explore different ways of being intimate.

There is no need to make the teacher/student dynamic an age-related role-play if you’re not into that. Having one of you act as a college-aged student is a great place to start because you are only exploring a power dynamic and avoiding any age role-playing.

The student or athlete can dress appropriately for their role, while the coach or professor can gather some props to use. Professors are super into glasses (for authority), books (for spanking), etc. The more elaborate the better.

4. A Boss and Their Employee

The boss/employee dynamic can work in a couple different ways. You can have the boss be dominating or you can have a twist and have the employee take over the dominating role. The boss can order around the employee, or the employee can seek some “revenge” and order the boss around.

Using a desk as a prop is a great scene-setter and a great way to get some under-the-desk oral sex happening. Just think about how much anger you can gear towards your sexual prowess for the evening. Didn’t do the filing properly? Time to get punished (in a super consensual way, of course).

Side note: It is probably less sexy to recreate your actual work scenario with your actual boss or employee, so create a fantasy boss/employee world where none of your characters are based on real-life people.

Sexology: Ian Tate & Samantha Bentley

5. An Artist and A Model

Creativity can be so sensual – especially if that creativity requires you to take off your clothes. One of you can pretend to be an artist or photographer, while the other one of you can pretend that you are their model or muse.

Grab a camera or a sketchpad and set up as if you are actually on the site of a job. One of you should be sketching the other person or taking intimate photos. While the artist would tend to have more control of the situation, the model can also decide to rebel from the set and start acting seductively.

While you don’t have to actually draw or take photos, it can be a fun memento of the evening if you do end up with some artwork.

6. Pretend to be Strangers

If you’ve been with your partner for a little while, it can be fun to pretend that you haven’t. You can pretend to be strangers meeting at a bar for the first time, or you can pretend to be on a first date, or you can even pretend to be having sex the night of your wedding again (if it’s been a while).

You can be yourself, or you can take on another personality and run with it. Accessories can be a great addition to this type of role-play, as they will help you pretend to be someone different. You can order a wig, put on some dark lipstick, or have a whole outfit change. However you want to go about it is totally up to you.

Buy your partner a drink and then proceed to discover this “new” you.

It’s okay to laugh during the role-playing. It’s okay to mess up or get overwhelmed or restart or quit. All of these are okay! Try out something new and see how it goes. These six scenarios are a great starting point but feel free to run with it.

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