8 tips to reduce your gag reflex
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8 tips to reduce your gag reflex

By Sabine, 01.04.2021

The gag reflex protects us against choking, but it can also keep some of us from having great oral sex. Here are some tips! 

What is a gag reflex?

A gag reflex, or pharyngeal reflex, is a reflex contraction that prevents us from choking. The pharyngeal reflex is a reflex contraction of the back of the throat whereas laryngeal spasm is a reflex contraction of the vocal cords evoked by touching the roof of the mouth, the back of the tongue, the area around the tonsils and the back of the throat. It’s the perfect reflex to have when you’re a kid and choking on something. If you were planning to go down on your man, it might be an annoying reflex. 

Tip 1: Find the spot that triggers the reflex

Start out by finding the spot that triggers the gag reflex. Do this by using your toothbrush. Concentrate and start at the tip of your tongue. Don’t use your fingers! This might cause you to throw up, and we wouldn’t want that. The best time to test is the evening, earlier on the day your gag reflex might be stronger. 

Tip 2: Pinch your thumb

Something that may help you out is pinching your thumb while you are giving a blow job. This way you are putting pressure on a point in your hand, while suppressing the gag reflex. It’s quite simple: Wrap the fingers of your left hand around your left thumb and make a fist, making sure your thumb is underneath your fingers. Squeeze firmly but don’t hurt yourself doing it. 

Tip 3: Put some salt on your tongue

Wet your fingertip, dip it in some salt and rub this on your tongue. Salt activates your taste buds on the front of your tongue and this temporarily helps to suppress the gag reflex. Another way to do this is to put a spoon of salt in a glass of water and then rinse your mouth with it. Don’t forget to spit! 

Tip 4: Numb your soft palate

You know that there is numbing throat spray? Why didn’t we find out sooner? It numbs your soft palate. The effect should last for an hour. It should make your palate less sensitive. There are even different brands with different scents and taste, could we ask for more?

Tip 5: Train with your toothbrush

You can totally train your gag reflex! The best thing to do this with is your toothbrush. With our first tip you find the triggering spot. Start by brushing this spot for about 10 seconds. Repeat this every night for a month. You should be able to put your finger in your throat and not gag. It is also a very good way to freshen up your breath. It’s a win-win! 

Tip 6: Mind your breathing

Keep breathing through your nose while relaxing your throat. It might be easy for you, or a real challenge. Keep practising, even if you realise the reflex is being triggered. Stay calm, keep breathing and relaxing. 

Tip 7: Tilt your head back

If you take a penis in your mouth it’s almost impossible to suppress your gag reflex, but a swallowing movement might help. Tilt your head back a little so your larynx lines up with your penis and this makes it easier when entering your mouth. The best breathing rhythm is to inhale when it enters your mouth and to exhale when he pulls back. 

Tip 8: Give it time

Your gag reflex will get less sensitive over time if you try and practise our tips. If things go well using your toothbrush, you can step up your game and use a dildo or penis. You want to reach this point as fast as you can, but please be patient! It just takes time.

A word 

We would like to close with the reassuring idea that you don’t have to deepthroat to perform delicious oral sex. It all seems hot and horny, but sometimes a man doesn’t even realize how deep his penis is in your mouth. So there is no reason to force it. Is it not working out, or don’t you like doing it? Just use your hand as an extension, problem solved!

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