How to escape akward sex situations
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How to escape akward sex situations

By Sabine, 13.12.2021

Sex in general is just horny and fun. But there are times it just goes, well, not like you would want it to go. Have you ever experienced something awkward, something that makes you cringe just thinking about it? Don’t worry, it’s not just you! No matter how much fun sex is, it can get awkward really fast. Especially when doing some specific stuff. But, hey, there are ways to escape this or even to prevent those situations. Stay tuned..

Situation 1 : A shitload

If you ever had anal sex, you know there are some risks. An anus is an exit. So it’s possible when you are having anal sex, something starts to smell. Panic! 

This is super awkward, but a little poop during anal sex is not the end of the world. (Sh)it happens. Your partner knows this. The best thing you can do is not to make a fuss about it. It’s not a big deal. Joke about it, step into the shower (together) and try again…

Situation 2: Sperm mishaps 

Finding out your partner’s aim is not great, can be a real bummer after sex, but during is even a bigger surprise! What if you’re not paying attention, his spunk can go all over the place, even in tricky spots! 

Did you accidentally manage to ‘catch’ some sperm in your hair, eye or ear? The best thing you can do is run into the bathroom and wash it off. Sperm dries quickly, and you don’t want to know how dried sperm smells. So run off and wash! 

Situation 3: You vs outfits

Clothes can be a real struggle, in the winter season especially. All the layers of clothes, it’s like peeling an onion. Sometimes undressing can be a real fuss, like an intermezzo of puzzles with brah’s, buttons and zippers. Especially when you’re a woman, sleeping with another woman, it can take some extra time. Things will only get awkward if  you let it be awkward. Take your time, it will happen, no stress. Or make it a part of the foreplay and create a sexy striptease. 

Situation 4:  Spasms

Ouch, spasms. This is something you least wanted to happen when going all the way sexually! Leg cramps especially, are the worst! Your whole body tightens when the muscle contracts. All vibers of your body are in stress, that hurts! The only way to stop this is to stretch out. Don’t try and conceal the pain for your sex partner.  Make them help you out by pushing your feet. It will be awkward for a bit, but you can have a laugh about it after. And then continue the sex!

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