Fireplay: playing with fire in the bedroom

Fireplay: playing with fire in the bedroom

By Sabine, 26.07.2021

Fireplay will make it spark in the bedroom- literally. When you fireplay you are playing…with fire! But how? We’ll explain! 

What is fireplay?

Fireplay is very popular in the BDSM scene, it’s sexual game play where you play with real fire. It is often used in a sensual, dominant way, by the dom to the sub. More than ever safety is key. If you are willing to try out this play, be prepared and take your precautions. 

Why is fireplay a thing?

Some people have a fascination for fire, often since they were kids, so they might have that extra incentive. For a dom fireplay helps to feel them more powerful and in control, plus the heat of the flames creates extra sensations. Long story short; you have to be really into it, but it’s worth a try. 

Are there cons?

Yes, there’s a bit of danger to all exciting stuff. Fire is very dangerous, playing with fire can cause (severe) burns. The body can have automatic fright reactions to it and if stuff goes wrong you can get traumatized, get wounded physically and mentally. So, it’s clearly not something for beginners, we recommend only experienced BDSM lovers to enter this hot play. 

Safety Rules

Okay, so it is sexy, exciting and sensual, fire is not to be trusted and therefore very dangerous. Always play by the rules:

  • Use alcohol up to 70% (never higher)
  • Never wear synthetic fabrics. You can do leather or cotton, but we recommend wearing nothing. 
  • Always have a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket nearby. 
  • Tie up your hair, or at least make it wet with water before. 
  • Have wet (water soaked) towel nearby
  • Have an assistent
  • Play on a firm underground, nothing wobbly that can tip something over. 
  • Have a giant bucket of water nearby
  • Keep the room ventilated (but not windy!)
  • Don’t keep fire close to the face

How to fireplay!

There are several ways to fireplay. Simply said: it’s all about creating flames around a subs body. We’ll share five ways to achieve this: 


You use a brush to paint alcohol onto the body, then you light the alcohol with a lit torch. Keep the other hand free to put out the fire after. 

2. Firesweeping:

You dip a flogger into the alcohol, squeeze it out, then hold it into a flame so it will get lit. You move the flogger in a circle and on the sub. The fire will go out by swinging the flogger really hard, throw it in a bucket of water when it doesn’t. 

3. Firespitting:

Use a torch and a special spray bottle of alcohol. Hold the burning torch in one hand, the spray bottle in the other. Spray the alcohol in the direction of the fire and a fireball will be created. The sub will feel the atomized alcohol on their skin as well as the heat of the flames. 

4. Firecupping:

A bowl of glass will be filled with alcohol and then lit. You move the bowl all over the body. The lack of oxygen will extinguish the fire slowly, this will create suction to the body. 

5. Firespanking:

It’s pretty obvious: this is about spanking with fire! The spanking is done with the hand, the hand will be covered in alcohol and lit with a candle, the burning hand will spank the sub on the bottom.

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