Dirtytalk: these are the do’s and don’ts
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Dirtytalk: these are the do’s and don’ts

By Sabine, 22.08.2019

What may be extremely hot to one person, may just be awkward to another: dirty talk. A shame, since these lustful words have the potential to spice up your sex life quite a bit. How to go about it? We will happily help you on your way.

From that one exciting text while you’re at work to sharing each other’s deepest desires in the bedroom: dirty talk is hot. Do you want to know how best to heat things up and what to avoid? No worries: we will give you some tips and tricks.

Be vulnerable
In the heat of the moment, you may occasionally blurt out something that sounded sexy in your head, but out loud… not so much. Above all: don’t feel pressured to perform. It happens to the best of us— saying things that did not sound so great in hindsight. As long as you don’t shout out your ex’s name during sex, you’ll be fine. And in all honesty, dirty talk can be extremely arousing, but it does require some self-confidence. It takes courage to communicate what you want your partner to do to you. And that’s what makes it so sexy.

Start slowly
Especially when you find yourself in bed with a new partner, it can feel a bit scary to start expressing your burning desires. That’s why it’s key to take baby steps. As with sex, dirty talk itself requires some foreplay too. Start by telling your lover he or she is doing great and hitting the right spot. This way, you can gauge your partner’s reaction to your direct feedback, so that you can take it a little further next time.

Be clear
Expressing your needs during sex is key. Now extend this line of thought to dirty talk. Don’t beat around the bush when it comes to your preferences and be specific about what makes you horny. Make sure your partner does the same. Everything that comes up during your steamy round of lovemaking is good, especially when you and your partner have been together for a long time. And if your partner disapproves, see it as a sign that he or she is not the person you want to spend your time on.

Don’t forget to breathe
Okay, so we’ve established that dirty talk is very hot. But aside from the verbal assertiveness, it’s good to keep track of your partner’s breathing. It doesn’t matter how clearly you’re expressing what you want to do to the other, your partner’s physical reaction is far more telling, and also the best measure for arousal. Of course it’s sexy when you shout out that you’re almost coming, but that’s just a bonus. Your body is giving your partner all the signs he or she needs in order to know whether he or she is doing a good job. From how wet you are to the speed of your breath, your body tells your partner everything he or she needs to know.

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