6 ways to find out he’s great in bed
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6 ways to find out he’s great in bed

By Sabine, 16.06.2020

Admit it. We all know a guy that makes you wonder if he is a great performer between the sheets. You really want to sleep with him, but are in doubt. Find out, we will explain all the signals you need to pick up if you want to find out if he is a sexgod.

1. Great dancemoves
His moves on the dancefloor will tell you a lot about his performance in bed. Great dancers have a lot of passion, are flexible and have enormous stamina. You can imagine all these sexy traits in the bedroom. Of course this doesn’t mean that inflexible guys are the worst, he may be very flexible with his hands or even his tongue.

2. The way he looks at you
Eyes are the mirrors of the soul. It might sound like a cliche, maar the way he looks at you can tell you exactly what he’s got in store for you. Is he giving you an intense look, taking in every inch of your body with his eyes? He must be having very naughty, sexy thoughts about you. 

3. Body language
Various studies say that 93% of our communication is non-verbal. So communicating with a potential lover will be through body language and the sound or tone of your voice. It can be pretty easy to find out if he’s interested in you during a date. He will be smiling a lot and making eye contact. He is eating up every word you say. He is definitely into you. You can’t fake chemistry and sexual attraction!

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4. Physical contact
When you meet he always knows where to touch you and make you shiver all over. Your lower back, neck, jawline. Are his kisses passionate and intense? You can count on the fact that he’s passionate in the bedroom too.

5. Fit guy
Men who work out on a regular basis are statistically less troubled below the waist. Physical exercise will increase the production of testosterone, and high testosterone levels increase the lust for sex. Apart from that these fit guys have great stamina and can last a lot longer in bed. Not bad, right? The fact that he’s in the gym perfecting his abs a lot, might not be a guarantee that he will be spending the same amount of time attending to your needs. 

6. He’s interested 
A man who is sincerely interested in you, asks about your day, is a great lover, no question about it. It means it’s important to him keeping you happy during sex. He might have this incredible body and have all this confidence, but if he is only thinking of his own pleasure….it’s bad news!

So the guy you found does not meet all our sexy signals. He might surprise you in the bedroom. If you really want to find out, there’s only one thing to do. You never know until you try….

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