5x why drunk sex is so good

5x why drunk sex is so good

By Janna, 01.05.2023

A drop too much, and suddenly feeling an immense sex drive; we’ve all been there. Sure, a drunk sex party can hold all ingredients for some good bed blunders, because let’s face it; it does have some advantages too. So no shame, after reading this article, you’ll feel a lot less bad about your adventure. Because drunk sex can be very exciting, and here’s why. 

1. All systems go

See a handsome guy standing at the bar? Then there’s a good chance you suddenly don’t have any trouble approaching him. Not only in the bar have your boundaries faded a little, this effect can bring a lot of fun between the sheets too. You’re more spontaneous! You’re a little less concerned with what the other person thinks of you, so you can enjoy yourself without inhibition and let yourself go. You shouldn’t be surprised if you suddenly have no problem with having sex in a place where you could be spotted. It just adds an extra thrill!

2. Less critical 

    When you’re drunk, you’re not only less critical about your surroundings but also about yourself. Of course you don’t have to bother about fat rolls and your naked appearance in the first place, but after a few drinks those thoughts just fade away. As a result, you’re more in the moment during sex and a lot less in your head. 

    3. Drunk sex lasts longer

    Believe it or not, but drunk sex lasts longer than a sober romp. A man who’s had a few too many, certainly needs more time to reach his climax. Okay, admittedly, he’ll also have to work a little harder to keep his hard-on, so the sex will last longer! In our opinion, this is rarely a downside. 

    4. More straightforwardness

    Drunk people not only speak the truth, they say what they want more easily. Even between the sheets. You’re suddenly a star at giving directions. If you dare to say what you want and like without shame, your partner knows exactly what needs to be done to give you the time of your life. If that doesn’t make for great sex, we don’t know what will. 

    5. Hello radiance!

    Another reason why drunk sex is so good. You’ve gradually lost sight of your self-image. In a horny, tipsy state, you might feel like a real tiger between the sheets. And the good thing is, you radiate what you feel. Who’s ready for a wild ride?

    So sex with a buzz on isn’t bad at all. But make sure to not make this a habit! And also that you don’t let things get too far. Because then you’ll pass these positive points. When you’re too drunk, you’re more likely to experience discomfort than benefit from the positive side effects we mentioned here.

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