Erotic Story: His ex
Erotic story

Erotic Story: His ex

By Yentl, 08.02.2024

“Pretty funny, right?!,” I shout through the bedroom when I hear him getting out of the shower.

I’m under the sheets in my top and thong. I do my best to warm up my side of the bed. I’m lying on my side, with my hands under my head and mentally prepare myself to stretching my legs towards the cold foot end.

“What do you mean?,” he asks sticking his head around the corner.

“That we ran into your ex.”

“You think that’s funny?,” he asks with a smile as he walks into the bedroom in his boxers.

My eyes roam over his body. I still see some drops from the shower on his body here and there and a few wet strands are hanging over his forehead.

“A little,” I answer as he joins me in the bed.

He turns on his side, mirroring my position and looks at me.

“And why do you think that’s funny?,” he asks curiously.

“Just because it was unexpected. She’s pretty.”

Without warning, he playfully taps my breast.

“What are you doing?,” I ask with a grin.

“Your nipple is hard, I’m distracted.”

Naughtily I turn up my chest a little.

Without saying anything, he looks at me and lets his hand wander up my top. When he reaches my breast, he gives a playful squeeze.

“Hmmm,” I moan softly.

In no-time, he’s taken my breast from my top and clamps my nipple between his thumb and index finger.

“Are you turned on?,” he asks, looking at me intently.

I nod cautiously in confirmation.

Then he starts to move his fingers back and forth. With each movement, he squeezes a little harder and with each movement my nipple seems to get harder.

Just as I’m about to wander my hand over his face, he hovers over me. He pulls my top a little further down, releasing both of my breasts. Then he licks a path between them and lets his tongue make its way towards my left breast.

Back and forth, his tongue licks my hardening nipple.

“So good,” I sigh.

Groaning, he takes my nipple between his teeth and then sucks gently.

I dig my hands into the sheets. Who would have thought that such a small action could feel so intense.

“What were we talking about just now?,” he asks, smiling as he looks at me.

“Now I’m distracted,” I reply as I move my hand down his stomach.

When I reach his boxers, I rub his hard-on. The tip of his cock is peeking out of the top edge of his boxers.

“I’ve been distracted for quite some time,” he says smiling.

“We were talking about your pretty ex,” I say, as soon as I’ve released his boner from his boxers.

“Sssh…,” he hisses against my lips and his tongue slides through my mouth.

I greedily answer his kiss and start to move my hand slowly up and down.

Moaning, he asks if I’m turned on by him or his ex.

“I’m always turned-on by you, but the idea that another woman wants you too, does make me horny.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yes, because you’re mine,” I reply as I take a firmer hold of his cock.

“You make me really horny,” he answers and we both look down between us.

I give his thigh a short, firm tap and gesture for him to sit up a little.

He immediately understands what I mean and before I know it, he’s sitting on my chest, with his knees on either side of my head, both hands holding onto the headboard of the bed.

In a fluid movement, he guides his cock into my mouth and I start to suck.

With gentle thrusts, he moves a little further into my mouth. I take hold of his butt cheeks to help determine his rhythm.

“Oh, yes. Baby, this is so good!,” he groans.

His encouragement is working and I let him sink even further into my mouth.

“I get turned on by you and another woman too,” he continues.

I push him back a little and his cock plops out of my mouth.

“Would you like to invite her over sometime?,” I whisper playfully as I lick his balls.

He looks at me a bit shocked. His hands let go of the bed and he sits next to me in one motion.

“What are you doing?,” I ask startled.

“Look what you’re doing!,” he replies as he points to his now flaccid cock.

“I thought you might find it exciting.”

“You and another woman, yes, but not my ex.”

“No, I can see that!,” I laugh and I grab his limp cock.

Then he too starts to laugh and lowers himself down so that he is lying straight again. He takes my face into his hands and kisses me again.

His tongue shoots wetly through my mouth and I lie on top of him in response.

His hand wanders down to my butt cheeks and his fingers shove the fabric of my thong to the side. He briefly slides his fingers through my wet labia and I moan into his mouth to indicate how good it feels.

I briefly wiggle my hips back and forth. He’s shoved the fabric of my thong so far to the side that my naked clit now rubs against his thigh.

I automatically start to move. With each movement, my clit deliciously rubs his skin, while I do my best to keep kissing him.

My top is still somewhere below my breasts and my nipples are poking against his torso.

“Now this is what turns me on.”

“Me too,” I pant and my movements are getting wilder.

It’s addictive, each movement feels so good, I just can’t stop. Wilder and wilder, I grind his thigh and my moans are getting louder.

It’s tough, my legs are sore but I certainly don’t want to stop.

With his one hand in my neck and his other hand around my butt I feel my legs starting to tingle.

A heat is raging through me. All I can do is surrender to it.

For the last time, I move wildly and then I let my orgasm rage.

Barely capable of kissing, I rest my face on the pillow next to his head.

“Wow,” he says panting. “Did you just come on my thigh?”

“Yes,” I laugh, doing my best to recover.

With my eyes fixed on his I sink down. A wet spot is visible on his thigh, right where my pussy grinded his skin.

I look at him naughtily and then put a finger into my mouth to get it wet.

A sigh escapes his lips, sounding into the bedroom.

I take a firm hold of his cock, which is hard again now. I slide my tongue from his balls to his tip and let my finger wander down.

I briefly suck the tip of his cock and push my finger into his back hole.

I give him a horny look and gently start to move my finger.

Moaning, he screams that he’s about to come and just when I want to lower my lips around his cock, he starts to squirt.

His cum flows over my face, squirting into my neck and through my hair. I let go of his cock to wipe my face. Then he squirts over his stomach and towards his neck. Like a fountain, he sprays into all directions.

“Wow,” I start. “What an ex can trigger.”

He looks at me with a smile on his face, his neck glistening with his cum.

“Yes, this was fun, but let’s just leave the ghosts in the past.”

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