Review: Kiiroo Pearl

Review: Kiiroo Pearl

By Sabine, 21.12.2016

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This week: the Kiiroo Pearl.

“Pearl. The only touch sensitive vibrator to control pleasure online.”

Pearl is a beautiful, technologically advanced G-spot vibrator designed to fulfil your most intimate needs in ways you never thought possible. You can have an evening for one or have an intimate experience with your partner online. However you choose to indulge, Pearl will take your breath away. Pearl has a smooth silicone body and gentle G-spot curve designed for your pleasure. A single multi-functional button gives you the power to easily switch between modes.

Kiiroo Pearl contains capacitive touch technology. This means that the surface of Pearl senses your movements. You can use this for solo sessions or to send and receive pleasure from a partnered device. Connect wirelessly via Blootooth to Kiiroo’s secure video chat platform or app.

When you connect with Onyx, the patented pleasure core will move in sync with your motions and your partner will feel every stroke. Your partner can use the touch pad on Onyx to control the speed and pattern of your Pearls vibrations. When you connect to Pearl, you will control the speed and pattern of your partner’s vibration with every stroke. Experiment with your partner to learn how they like to be pleasured and discover the most exhilarating ways to reach climax together.

Sensitive Touch Vibration mode (mode #3) is a unique setting which allows you to effortlessly control your pleasure by sliding Pearl against yourself. A Pearl glides against your most sensual areas, the capacitive sensors in its body will react by increasing or decreasing the speed of vibration. Create your own patterns with a simple motion for the easiest journey to paradise.

Pearl features quiet and powerful vibrations, exclusive Sensitive Touch Vibration mode, capacitive touch technology and it’s bluetooth enabled. You can have a two-way transmission with your partner and access to a secure video chat platform and app. Pearl is made of high quality body safe silicone, is rechargeable, easy to clean and water resistant. And: it syncs to tactile porna videos.

After reading the quite extensive description about the Pearl and it’s functionalities, I couldn’t be anything but excited about this innovative sex toy. The Pearl comes in a nice black box together with a micro-USB charger, an authenticity card and satin storage bag. There’s no manual included, but obviously Kiiroo published an online manual and even thought of an instruction video. The Pearl has a smooth and sleek design and the silicone material of the shaft feels really soft and pleasant. I really like the shape and can’t wait to find out how the G-Spot curve feels inside me. But before I can use the Pearl, I charge it for approximately 3 hours by removing the charger cap at the bottom of the device and connecting the micro USB-cable to the port. Once it’s fully charged, I’m good to go…

Since I don’t have a membership on FeelPorna just yet, I’m going to use the Pearl solo and don’t connect it to Bluetooth. The Pearl has 9 different vibration modes including 2 different vibration patterns. I turn the Pearl on by holding the button at the bottom of the vibrator for a few seconds before a red light appears. After I applied some water-based lubricant, I start with the first vibration mode and place the Pearl on my clitoris. The vibration is ok, but not that strong or deep as I’m used to. I press the button again and continue with vibration mode 6 which according to the online manual is a medium vibration mode. Now, this is more my cup of tea. Intense vibrations stimulate my clitoris, guided by a low buzzing sound. I try vibration mode 7 (a fast vibration mode, but I don’t want to orgasm yet) and even make it to vibration pattern 1 (a pleasantly slow wave vibration pattern, which would have been perfect to start with) before climaxing while using vibration pattern 2 (hard, slow, hard, slow, oh, yesssss). I did need a harder vibration mode to stimulate my clitoris to have an orgasm, but this was definitely a good start – especially since I’ve saved the best for last?

The functionalities of the Pearl are super versatile, but given that I’m not using the high-technology Bluetooth connection with other devices or video platforms tonight, I’m hoping for the best with the Sensitive Touch Vibration mode… I turn the Pearl back on again and go to vibration mode 3. Unlike with other vibrators, I don’t have to search for the perfect vibration speed or pattern, but instead create my own. Now, this is where the innovation part perfectly meets my sexual needs. I can actually feel the advanced rings inside the vibrator, enhancing the pleasurable feeling with every move I make. I move up and down, gliding the Pearl in and out my pussy and stroking it against my G-Spot. The faster I go, the faster the vibrations of my Pearl go. The fact that the Pearl reacts on my speed by itself feels a bit strange, but oh so good. The capacitive sensors react fast: whenever I’m taking it more slow, the vibration speed immediately decreases. Since I don’t need to control the button, I can firmly hold the Pearl in my hand and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. I’m pressing it hard inside me, moving it at full speed. I’m not masturbating anymore, no, I’m actually fucking myself (excuse my French) and I love it. I have an incredibly satisfying orgasm. I don’t think my muscles have spasmed this much in a while due to an orgasm. I. Need. To. Cool. Down. Now. The Sensitive Touch Vibration Mode is definitely my favorite. Pfff, I can’t wait to discover what it feels like once I have my FeelPorna membership. Or when my Pearl is connected to an Onyx… To be continued?

Technology has come a long way, but never in my imagination would I have thought that I would masturbate with such an innovative sex toy. It’s a shame that I wasn’t able to connect my Pearl to one of Kiiroo’s platforms just yet nor that I’ve tried it in combination with an Onyx, but I’m already hooked. The Pearl is by far one of the strangest, yet coolest vibrators I’ve ever tried! The Sensitive Touch Vibration mode is absolutely heavenly, especially in combination with the perfect G-Spot curve. It reacts fast on your movements and the fact that you can choose your own vibration pace without pressing any buttons really adds to the fun you’re having with yourself. The material feels super soft, the vibrator has the perfect shape to stimulate your G-Spot and it has a good size to fill yourself up. Plus, it’s easy to clean (make sure you close the charging cap tight!). It’s a super sleek device, very innovative and I can’t wait to try out all the different functionalities (first thing on my list: FeelPorna)… Teledildonics for the win!


The Pearl is such a versatile vibrator, that you really need to explore all the different possibilities and take your time while doing so. You won’t be disappointed…


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