Why you should consider sleeping naked this summer

Why you should consider sleeping naked this summer

By Janna, 08.07.2024

With the summer heat making your nights uncomfortable, the time is right to rethink your sleep routine. Why not  consider sleeping naked? Yes, you read that right, fully naked! Sleeping naked can be a game changer for your comfort and health, especially during those sultry summer nights. And it can be pretty sexy too.

The advantages

Improved air circulation 

Let your skin breathe! Clothing can trap your body heat, especially synthetic fabrics like nylon and spandex. Removing your clothes will help cool your body and prevent you from getting overheated at night. Bye-bye sweat attacks! Plus, it feels so free without those restrictive fabrics.

Less chance to infections 

Your intimate parts often get warm and moist with all those layers of fabric. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, which can lead to unpleasant odors and infections. Sleeping naked can considerably reduce this risk. A refreshing shower before bedtime and then sleeping freely is a great way to improve your hygiene. And the feeling of fresh sheets on your skin? Pure bliss.

Improved quality of sleep 

According to the U.S. National Sleep Foundation people sleep better naked because it improves body temperature regulation. Being too warm can reduce the quality of your sleep, but by sleeping naked, you maintain optimal body temperature and enjoy a deeper, more refreshing sleep. And doesn’t it feel kind of rebellious, to sleep without clothes?

Reduced stress and lower blood pressure 

Sleeping naked can also create more intimacy with your partner. More skin-on-skin contact stimulates the production of oxytocin, also known as the ‘cuddle chemical’. This hormone helps to reduce stress and can contribute to lower blood pressure. Win-win! That extra dose of intimacy can give your relationship a big boost, especially during those sultry summer nights when touching is even more welcome.

Less clothing, less laundry 

A practical advantage of sleeping naked is that you don’t generate so much laundry. No nightwear means fewer garments to wash and fold. This saves time and energy, which is always a plus. And with less layers it’s easier to snuggle up to your partner without barriers.

Tips for sleeping comfortably naked in summer

Start gradually 

You don’t have to sleep completely naked right away. Start by wearing less clothing, like comfortable panties and a tank top. As you feel more at ease, you can skip the rest of your clothes too. Feel extra adventurous? Try sexy lace panties and work your way to complete freedom.

Ensure a clean sleeping environment 

Keep your sheets clean and fresh. Clean sheets feel better on your skin and help maintain a healthy sleeping environment. There’s nothing like the feel of fresh sheets on your skin.

Keep the room temperature cool 

Try to keep your bedroom temperature at 21 degrees Celsius. Use a ventilator or air-conditioning to keep your bedroom cool. A cool room ensures refreshing sleep and prevents you from getting overheated.

Shower before bedtime

A shower before bedtime can help lower your body temperature and give you a fresh feeling before going to bed. Do dry your body thoroughly before hitting the sheets. The refreshing feeling of the sheets against your clean skin can really improve your sleep.

Try it with your partner 

If you have a partner, you can discuss the benefits of sleeping naked and try it together. It can not only improve your quality of sleep, but with more intimacy it also strengthens your relationship. Isn’t it tempting to hit the sheets naked together? The closeness can induce spontaneous passionate moments you wouldn’t want to miss.

So throw those PJs aside and give sleeping naked a try. Who knows, it may be the way to a cool, comfy and super sexy night’s sleep!

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