Where to leave your semen?

Where to leave your semen?

By Janna, 03.08.2023


Every now and then, you just need some time to yourself. A little self-love doesn’t hurt, so at certain times you want to have an undisturbed jerk-off session. But what do you do with the semen after your climax? You probably want to avoid sticky stains in bed or in your underpants … So let’s give you some useful tips!

Washing away your sins

A popular solution is the shower of course. You can relax under the warm water jet and in most cases keep the bathroom door locked too. Doesn’t really matter where the semen ends up, as you can easily rinse it off. Do note: if the water is too warm, your semen might coagulate. So better not aim at your feet, otherwise you might end up with lumps of semen between your toes. 

Baby wipes, only different

Tissues, toilet paper, wet wipes, paper towels. All simple and effective. Just take a piece of paper, grab your love-stick and go for it. Paper towels are usually a bit thicker and less sticky than thinner toilet paper. So just try for yourself and decide which kind you prefer. You can also wrap paper around your penis while jerking off, so you can squirt directly into the paper without any hassle.

Knock your socks off

It may sound boring, but it’s a classic really: the old sock. Ideal with half pairs, and at least the remaining sock can still be of some use that way. Do throw it in the wash afterwards, or in the trash maybe.

Away with it

Straight out the window. Why didn’t you think of this before? Birds shit everywhere too, right. No one is going to check whether that white stuff on the neighbor’s fence is really from a pigeon. Do make sure that nobody’s walking past your window. Masturbating in front of the window with the curtains open is not recommended either. You don’t want to startle any neighbourhood kids.

In the sink

Though standing may not be ideal, jerking off over the sink is still pretty convenient. As in the shower, you can quickly rinse it all away. If there’s a mirror above the sink, you might catch a glimpse of your own cumface. Who knows that may get you extra horny. As your semen washes down the sink, you can simultaneously wash your penis. Do use cold water, because, as mentioned before, warm water coagulates sperm.

Do what feels right

Ultimately, of course there is no singular right way to get rid of your stuff. Be creative and adapt to your surroundings and situation. As long as you enjoy the moment and make sure you don’t bother anyone, you’ll be just fine.

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