Tunnel buddies and seed sisters

Tunnel buddies and seed sisters

By Janna, 27.11.2023

For some people, the worst nightmare would be if someone were sleeping with their ex. Especially with a serious relationship, it can be painful to find out that a good friend went to bed with your ex-lover. Thankfully, not every relationship is that serious and sometimes we can actually laugh about it when an ex-fling also has a past with a buddy or bestie. Sharing is caring, right.

Be honest

It’s not self-evident for all that some exes are off-limits. You can often estimate for which of your exes it wouldn’t go down too well if someone from your group of friends had an adventure with them. If you know that you don’t really want your friends to run off with a certain ex, you better tell them. Even your best friends can’t always guess your do’s and don’ts. To avoid an argument and getting hurt, it’s better to make clear which ex they should all stay away from.

Why we don’t say Eskimo sisters anymore

In the past, the term Eskimo sisters was used for women who shared the same bed partner. Meanwhile, it’s now well-known that the term Eskimo is considered to be racist. The term came into use because Inuit (the right term for the people who are often called Eskimos) could be married to multiple people at the same time, as you can also see in the TLC series Sister Wives. Now if you want to name two women who have had the same bedpartner, call them seed sisters. Maybe even more catchy and it isn’t racist or offensive. 

Bets and fun

There’s a rumor going around about certain bars where employees have made deals together about sharing partners. They agreed to pay 5 euros to the previous person who has slept with your hook-up. Suppose, Bartender 1 sleeps with Pretty Girl A and a week later Bartender 2 sleeps with Pretty Girl A, then Bartender 2 has to pay 5 euros to Bartender 1. And if Pretty Girl A sleeps with yet another bartender the following week, they should pay 5 euros to Bartender 1 and 5 euros to Bartender 2. With such a deal, you can at least make some money by becoming tunnel buddies. But you may get into some trouble if the Pretty Girls find out about it.

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