How to know you’re great in bed

How to know you’re great in bed

By Sabine, 17.10.2019

Have you ever wondered whether you’re good in bed? Maybe you’re a solid 8, a mind-blowing 10 or perhaps just a mediocre 6? How can you tell if you’re any good under the sheets? Respect to you if you dare to ask your lover directly— not everyone has the courage. These are the signs that tell you if he thinks you’re great in the sack!

He wants you to take charge
If an alpha male is willing to hand over all control to you, you can be sure you’re doing something right. Men just love a dominant woman who knows how to take charge. So let your lover know who’s boss by tying him up, just to name an example.

He calls out your name
It’s one of those things you mainly see in movies. A man passionately shouting out a woman’s name in the heat of the moment, or the other way around. In real life, however, couples rarely talk during sex. So if he does scream out your name, it says a lot about your talents in the bedroom. You can do the same though, or call him sexy names. After all, it’s a huge turn on when a women dares to be cheeky during sex.

He’s cursing
Unless you two just banged your heads (ouch!), cursing during sex is usually a great sign. A cursing partner clearly tells you he or she is enjoying you like no other. The rule goes: the more blasphemous the speech, the better the sex. 

He’s moaning a lot
Apart from cursing and screaming out your name, another telltale sign he loves your moves is his moaning. By moaning, your partner lets you know he likes whatever it is you’re doing. One tip: watch his body language closely to give him a mind-blowing orgasm. After such an orgasm, he can’t help but be amazed by your skills in the bedroom.

He is constantly complimenting you

If he lets you know, either during or after sex, that he thinks you’re great in bed by giving you a lot of compliments, you can be sure he means it. If he does not beat around the bush and tells you straightly that you give great blow jobs, or if he tells you how sexy you look as you’re riding his dick—  take his word for it.

He wants sex all the time and doesn’t want it to end

He tries everything he can to delay his orgasm to prolong your round of lovemaking. And after you two climax, he can’t wait to go at it a second time, or even a third. Is this the case? Then it’s obvious: he just can’t get enough of you and your body and you are for sure a beast under the sheets!

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