What to Buy for a Bachelorette Party

What to Buy for a Bachelorette Party

By Rebecca, 14.09.2020

If you’re out of ideas, we have some to inspire you!

We’re halfway done the summer wedding season! That means only a few more bridal showers, bachelorette parties and main events. Weddings are always wonderful because you’re celebrating the love between some of your friends. However, the events that go alongside a wedding can be a bit tedious, especially if everyone is expecting a gift.

Don’t worry! If you’re out of ideas, we have some to inspire the rest of the wedding season!

1. Lingerie
Buying someone lingerie might sound a bit risqué, but there are ways to do it that are more acceptable. Buying lingerie for someone else means you need to consider their style, their preferred colours and their size. Buying something that is adjustable is the best way to go if you aren’t close enough to the bride to know their clothing size. A beautiful kimono or dressing gown set can be perfect for this. These are also pieces that won’t upset any conservative guests. It’s a better option to buy something that the person can “throw over” their actual lingerie than going out and buying a bra or underwear. If you’re not sure of the colour, sticking to something white is very on theme with a bride.

2. Massage Oils or Candles
A massage kit is both sexy and sensual but can be more discreet. Massages and candles aren’t inherently sexual so it can pass by the more conservative guests. The bride will know exactly what the real intention is, but it doesn’t have to turn into a conversation about sex. To buy something a bit different, you can look for candles that melt into massage oil.

3. Light BDSM Accessories
If you know the guest list is filled with friends (and not family) then you can opt for something a little more directly sexual. If you know the bride’s fetishes, don’t reveal them in front of everyone – save that gift for when the two of you are alone. However, an assorted gift box can be a great idea for the bride to open in from of their friends. There won’t be anything too extreme in the box, and the bride will get a little taste of BDSM if they haven’t yet explored that side of the bedroom. You can put one together yourself, or you can buy pre-packaged ones.

4. Sexy Board Game
There are a lot of board games and card games that are intended to spice up people’s sex lives. Many couples experience a “wedding drop” that happens once their wedding is over and they don’t have a big event to look forward to or they aren’t the centre of attention. Having a game that occupies a few hours with intimacy can be a great idea for this period of time. It can lead them to explore different passions or just remind them to focus on themselves. Fun games keep on giving!

5. “Couples” Vibrators
Normally, we wouldn’t suggest purchasing sex toys for someone without their consent. However, this is a moment where they won’t feel pressured to use it if they don’t want to use it. A “couples” toy is a safer gift than an individual item for the bride. “Couples” toys are often unique and luxurious, which means you’re buying the couple something different and high quality. If they’ve never used sex toys before, it could be a good start. If they have used sex toys before, they might never have used one that was designed for two people. If they hate it, they never have to tell you! Just make sure that you don’t embarrass the bride in front of anyone. Assess your audience first.

Of course you can stick to more traditional gifts like buying a slow cooker, but we thought these gifts might inspire you. Just make sure to always assess the guest list before buying anything sex-related. If you’re not sure, then you can always have the bride open the gift in private!

Have any other bachelorette ideas? Let us know!  

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