The cheating checklist

The cheating checklist

By Sabine, 13.11.2020

You never enter a relationship thinking your man is a cheater. You can trust him, right? Maybe your relationship is still new, or it suddenly feels different, and you just can’t quite put your finger on it. Do you suspect your man is cheating on you? Check out our cheating checklist! Does he match a few or maybe all of the points? You better watch him girl! Or just start an honest conversation upon the subject…

  • He shaves like a professional (even in places he normally doesn’t shave).
  • He is distant, hard to reach and with his head in the clouds.
  • He doesn’t feel like like having sex as much as he used to (with you, that is) and makes the stranges excuses for not wanting it. 
  • He smells different. It might be the scent of another woman, or just a scent that is unfamiliar and hard to place. 
  • He has these vague meetings with people you don’t know and never heard of before.
  • If you ask him how his night was he mumbles something, while he normally can’t shut up about his nights out. 
  • He laughs a lot while on his phone, turning the screen away from you. When you ask what’s so funny he answers vaguely. 
  • Suddenly he is super nice, like he has something to make up to you. While, as far as you know, he did nothing wrong. 
  • When you suggest going on a romantic trip together his reaction is bland. He’d rather stay at home and do work stuff. 
  • The classic “I have to work late again, honey”. He keeps texting you that the meeting is taking more time, he has to work late (again) or that he’s having one drink with his coworkers. Even on weekends he has to pop into the office for a thing. He’s just always busy, busy, busy…

Can you check off several points on this list?  It could all just be coincidental, but it seems something strange is going on. Hey,…don’t shoot the messenger! 

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