What Your Favourite Food Says About Your Sex Life

What Your Favourite Food Says About Your Sex Life

By Emmeline Peaches, 20.01.2021

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but what if there’s more to that saying than meets the eye?

For most people, food is not just an energy source for the day; it’s a culmination of upbringing, culture, community, and comfort (to name just a few things). The food we like can also revel a lot about our personalities and what we naturally gravitate towards. 

Food has also been used in a romantic context for many years. We’ve all heard of foods that act as aphrodisiacs and, chances are, you attribute certain meals to romance and courtship. Don’t believe us? Think of the word ‘dinner date’ and see what springs to mind. Chances are, a certain cuisine will soon be floating around in your head. 

But, what can the foods we naturally gravitate towards in that head of ours reveal about the type of lover we are? 

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, here are a few food choices and what they might say about you (or any potential partner that you’re hoping to share your life with).


Chocolate is a known aphrodisiac, but it’s also a go-to choice for showing people just how much you love them. It’s also the also the default comfort food for many individuals (be it for good or bad reasons).

The chocolate lover is a hopeless romantic, with a bit of a dark side to them. They are sappy, considerate, and incredibly sweet. They also like sex and hold it as a special bond between two people.

Sex with a chocolate lover is intimate and hands-on. It may also involve (surprise, surprise) chocolate in acts of food play or teasing. 

A chocolate lover will treat their sexual partner with great consideration and care, but they’re also not afraid to take a big bite into the world of sexual exploration. 


Caviar is the rich-person’s version of an aphrodisiac. Yes, it can be fun at times, but caviar is a rather specific and well-considered choice of nutrition. 

The caviar lover is a bit of a perfectionist with very set ideas of how sex should be conducted. They are often exceptional lovers, but approach love as if it were a business act; timed, impeccable, and a power play in its own right. 

Romance isn’t absent in the caviar lover, but these people work under rules and expectations in all aspects of performance, and romance is not an exception. 

A caviar lover expects and bestows upon other the finest things in life but will clash with spontaneous lovers. 


Avocado is a brilliant health food as well as one of the most iconic vulva-esque food items out there. 

Avocado lovers tend to value fitness, yoga, and self-improvement. They tend to have a lot of stamina and a fair few different positions that they want to try on any given day, but sometimes their enthusiasm will get the better of them. 

The incredible enthusiasm for life that avocado-lovers have can lead to exciting and thrilling moments. It can also, however, make those who are less fitness-minded feel inadequate. Communication will be key if clashes start to emerge in your sexual (or relationship) wants and needs but these will also often have positive outcomes.

Plus, all that avocado really is beneficial in the bedroom, so good times are sure to emerge when things get heated. 


Zinc. Zinc. Zinc!

Steak-lovers are often focused on being hyper driven, hyper focused, and hyper good at everything. Especially sex. C’mon – steak and blowjob day exists for a reason.

Steak lovers are…well…lovers. They love sex in the most straightforward, powerful, and deep way possible and will often aim to go longer or add more energy into the mix. They also tend to favour more conventional positions and might have very specific ideas of what sex is supposed to be like.

Deep down, steak lovers can sometimes harbour insecurities, especially those that identify as ‘many men’. Zinc is a micronutrient associated with increased vigour and stamina and, chances are, if a person is try to get more zinc with steak then they’re already a little worried that they’re lacking in it. 

You might find a steak lover seeks reassurance or is a bit of a talker during sex, but at least you know they care. Show them that they have nothing to prove and they’ll slowly gain more confidence in their own abilities which, given the focus they’ve put on performance, is usually pretty damned good. 


Ah, sushi. A little weird, a lot good, and often a bit too eloquent to whip up on a night after work. 

Sushi lovers like to explore and put a lot of thought into the little details. A sushi lover may gravitate towards more nuanced and non-traditional methods to love-making. They may also take inspiration from works of art of cinematic masterpieces that they particularly admire. 

It’s not that sushi itself is overly cultured. In fact, for many it is just a regular part of daily dining. However, in western settings sushi has definitely taken on a rather cosmopolitan feel, and those who gravitate towards it are likely to also value culture, intellectual pursuits, and (we’ll say it) the latest trend-setting signs of sophistication. 

Expect sex toys, fancy lingerie, and ethical pornography to be a possibility with the sushi lover. They are sensual and drawn to things that aren’t necessarily part of the societal norm. They also plan some very interesting dates (let’s face it – there’s something quite appealing about watching sushi being prepared in front of you during a dining experience).

That’s All For Now!

So, where do you fall in the culinary guide to love-making? Or do you like an entirely different type of dining? Whatever your preference, it’s always worth looking at what your favourite food might say about you (whether it’s ‘romance’ food or your go-to favourite). A little reflection on its meaning might just reveal a bit about your bedroom pursuits.

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