The morning after a one night stand: do you stay, or go?

The morning after a one night stand: do you stay, or go?

By Janna, 20.05.2024

The sun starts to peek through the curtains, the clock is ticking away and you realize that you’re waking up after a night filled with passion with an almost-stranger. You may go through a mix of emotions, but the main question is: should you stay or go?

A one night stand is often an impulsive decision, driven by longing and lust, and so establishing an emotional connection is usually of secondary importance. Within this context, the rules of etiquette and expectations may seem vague. Do you need to stick around for a coffee and morning chat, or is it better to go quickly and leave this night behind you?

Stay: pros and cons

There are arguments for sticking around after a one night stand. Some enjoy spending time with a one-time bed partner after sex, and maybe even share some affection at the break of dawn. It can be an opportunity to get to know each other a little better, exchange a smile and some small-talk to keep things light-hearted.

On the other hand, staying around after a one night stand can also feel pretty awkward. With moments of awkward silence, an exchange of uneasy looks and a sense of urgency to leave so you can quickly return to the reality of your daily life.

Go: pros and cons

For others, getting out fast after a one night stand is the obvious choice. It gives a sense of anonymity and freedom, where you can both go your separate ways without strings attached. This also avoids potentially awkward situations and keeps you in control of when you leave.

On the other hand, leaving right after a one night stand can also evoke feelings of emptiness and loneliness. It brings an abrupt end to an intimate time and can create a sense of distance between you and your bed partner, even if that was the original intention.

The ‘morning after’, the decision about staying or leaving can be a sensitive one. Remember that there are no hard rules and that every situation is unique. The main thing is to show respect for each other’s feelings and needs and communicate openly to avoid misunderstandings. Whether you decide to stay or go, it’s best to make sure that your decision feels right for both parties. And, you know, life goes on, no matter how the morning after a one night stand unfolds. So if you do make a bad decision in retrospect, it’s probably not the end of the world. You live and learn.

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