Kaat Bollen’s porna film will premiere on Valentine’s Day!
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Kaat Bollen’s porna film will premiere on Valentine’s Day!

By Eva, 08.02.2017

On the most romantic day of the year, the long-awaited porna film “A Girls’ Getaway” directed by sexologist Kaat Bollen, will premiere at Dusk.

In collaboration with Daring Media Group, Kaat Bollen wrote, directed and produced a high-end porna film especially for Dusk, guided by director DiSanto. It’s a double scoop, given that Bollen’s film “A Girls’ Getaway” is the first porna film ever released by Daring Media Group and the fact that this is the first time a porn production meant for women is released in Belgium.

The cast was carefully selected by Bollen and consists of prominent performers from the industry. The cast includes: Stella CoxLucia LoveLola MarieElla HughesKai TaylorSam Bourne and the winner of the award for Best Male Performer 2016 Luke Hotrod. Last fall the titillating production was recorded in and around a huge mansion on the English countryside. The perfect location, because “A Girls’ Getaway” is about four girlfriends who spend a weekend in the mansion they came to know so well, where each in their own way, they experience hot and sensual adventures… The English spoken porna film has five arousing sex scenes.

Shooting this project was entirely new for Kaat Bollen. “It was quite a remarkable experience shooting this film. Even though I talk about sex on a daily basis, it’s not usual for me to actually be present during other people’s sex activities. Let alone that I’m the one who decides which positions they have to do! Thus, the first day of production was a bit uncomfortable, but I quickly got used to it. I hope this is the same for the women who’ll watch my film: it might be a bit awkward at first, but afterwards it will be really enjoyable….”

Bollen is convinced her film will please the audience. “I think this porna film will both surprise men and women! For my female audience I specifically considered the casting: I only selected hot men and didn’t go for the typical porn pussies. Because there are four different female characters, there will be at least one, whom women can identify with, which will make it extra exciting! The male audience will probably be surprised because of the sex, as it’s not as soft one might expect. This makes “A Girls’ Getaway” perfect to watch together with your partner, as there’s a big chance you’ll add an extra scene for yourself after watching the film…”

The film will not only have its grand premiere on our television channel and here, on our online platform, as you can stream it on Beate Uhse’s erotic on demand streaming service Tintl.eu. In Belgium the film will be offered exclusively via Video on Demand at cable companies Telenet and Proximus. At the end of March the DVD will be for sale for €19,99 at Christine le Duc, PABO and Beate Uhse in both the web shops and stores.

Can’t wait until Valentine’s Day to see the entire film? No worries, you can always check the exclusive behind the scenes sneak-peek!

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