Erotic Story: The strip club
Erotic story

Erotic Story: The strip club

By Yentl, 12.01.2023

As soon as we enter, I am half blinded by the lights shooting in all directions. The music is loud and on stage I see a lady performing a very sensual dance. In an instant, she has my full attention. Some people might call me crazy, but treating my boyfriend to a night at the strip club felt like an immensely exciting idea. 

He softly squeezes my hand and points to a spot on the lounge sofas right in front of the stage. I give him a short smile in confirmation and then lead the way. On the way to the lounge sofa, I can feel several eyes on me and as soon as we’re seated I know it won’t be long for the first ladies to gather around Ryan.

Ryan is attractive, but also very social. He has an open attitude and a friendly face. His smile always draws attention and brings a sense of calm. It’s good to be around him and I’m not the only one who feels that way. I don’t think it’s odd that he gets attention. To be honest I get a kick out of it, which is why we’re here, in this place and setting. 

We order drinks and I nestle against him on one of the couches. Across the room, a lady looks our way. Ryan has eye contact, I can’t get around it. As I rub his thigh with my hand and press my body against him, I see that his eyes are focused on her face. I can only imagine that this must bring on a powerful feeling. 

For a moment, the lady looks at me and then she comes our way. Excitement jolts through my body like electric flashes. In the meantime, our drinks arrive and I quickly take a far too large, but cooling gulp. The lady in question has reached us now and she sultrily starts swaying her hips. The way she moves is sexy, inviting, and even makes me want to touch her. Again she looks at me briefly, as if seeking approval. I run my fingertips around his thighs and look her straight in the eye. 

Then, she starts her lap dance. She moves effortlessly to the music, presses her body against his lap and rubs against his jeans. He admires her, I can see it in his eyes. He enjoys this and I can’t help but do the same. Her breasts point forward in her skimpy outfit. She pushes her butt further and further into his face. I see that he wants to touch her. Excitement ripples through my body. She places her legs next to his and leans forward as far as she can. His view must be phenomenal. Her butt cheeks shake to the rhythm of the music and the small piece of fabric of her thong only just covers her most sensitive parts. 

I watch, that’s all I can do. I watch and observe the horniness in his eyes, the tension in his body and the way he tries not to touch her. Playfully I move closer to him and softly whisper in his ear: ‘You like her, don’t you?’ He looks at me longingly. In his look, I see how the self-control he’s trying to keep in check is fading away. The attention she’s giving him thrills me.

Quickly, I drop my hand to his crotch and rub his erect penis. He moans softly in my right ear. The lady turns around, positions herself on his lap and pushes her breasts into his face. I watch as he fills his hands with her hair and pulls her face to his. He whispers something in her ear and she smiles naughtily. In one fluid movement, she steps away from him, looks at us and gestures for us to follow her. A little surprised, I look at him. 

‘Trust me,’ he says and he takes my hand. 

The scent of her perfume swirls past us as we follow her into a private room. The space is dark, in a sexy and exciting way. In the center is a small stage with a pole.

‘Would you like another drink?’ she asks in a friendly voice, while pointing to our almost empty glasses. 

I request another round and she assures us she’ll be right back. 

‘Just take a seat,’ she winks and then she disappears behind a curtain. 

‘What did you say to her?’ I ask Ryan.

 ‘I asked her if it was possible to enjoy her company in private.’ 

A mischievous smile appears on his face, the smile that has been setting me on fire for years. I lower myself onto the lounge sofa and playfully pull up my skirt a little. He laughs and sits down next to me and with both hands pulls my face towards his. Even before his lips touch mine, I feel heat take possession of me. He starts kissing me extensively, until we’re both moaning. His fingers slide across my clothes, searching for an opening so he can touch my bare skin. 

Then we hear music. Two new glasses are placed in front of us and the lady appears on stage in a new provocative outfit. Gracefully, she moves along the pole. The maneuvers she performs are truly a breathtaking sight. I get terribly turned on and can’t keep my eyes off her.

‘You like her, don’t you?’ I hear him grinning in my ear. 

Caught, I look at him and give a quick nod. His hand slides up my leg, and up my pantyhose, finally finding a piece of my skin. Step by step, he moves up his fingertips, until he reaches my panties. 

By sheer excitement, I start to breathe more loudly. On stage, I see how she dances, how she sultrily swings around the pole and gradually loses more of her outfit. She’s watching us and an overwhelming desire for more takes hold of me. I roughly take his hand and place it against my crotch. I pull back the lace of my thong to give him access and press his finger against my wet labia. I steer his hand in the direction of my desire. I let him finger me with her eyes on us as she continues her most sexy dance. 

‘You’re wet, that’s so hot,’ he pants excitedly and hoarsely in my ear. 

For a short time, I move my hips to the rhythm of his fingers. Then I put my hand on his crotch again. In the meantime, he’s managed to get even harder. He pulls back his fingers and uses them to unbutton his jeans. My fingers disappear under my skirt and I naughtily pull my panties from under my skirt and then throw them on the table.

 ‘Keep watching her,’ I whisper in his ear as I position myself between his legs. 

With my eyes focused on her, I feel how he manages to release his cock from his boxer shorts while keeping it in the right angle. Then it happens. Looking straight at her, I lower myself over him. Raw and filling. She can’t take her eyes off us. I lower myself as far as my body allows and playfully start to move up and down. 

His hands take a firm hold of my hips to support the moves I make. In my ear, his moans rise above the loud music. She’s dancing, moving her breathtaking body before our eyes. I put my hands on his thighs for support. And one of his hands moves to the front and towards my clit where he starts drawing controlled circles. I do my very best to keep looking at her, as I don’t want to lose her attention. The intensity of his circles increases. From way down in my toes, I summon the strength to move up and down at a wilder pace. Her gaze is intense and I feel it won’t be long before I explode. 

With her legs in the air, she looks our way. Through her light-colored panties, a wet stain is visible. She’s turned-on, there’s no doubt about it and that knowledge pushes me over the edge. I dig my fingernails deeper into his thighs, my breath takes on an unprecedented pace as I feel my body gently starting to jerk. 

As soon as my orgasm has died down, I place my legs on the couch, next to his. I assume the position on his lap that she took before and lean forward as far as I can. I know what view he must have right now and carefully move up and down. His hands squeeze my ass hard and it doesn’t take long for him to reach his climax too.

Taking him to a strip club is definitely one of the best ideas I’ve had in a long time.

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