Erotic Story: A second time the first time
Erotic story

Erotic Story: A second time the first time

By Sabine, 27.12.2021

Alicia is hanging out with her friends Mara and Angelique in front of their new house. They dragged out a table and some chairs to catch some of the remaining sun, but it had set a long time ago. They didn’t mind: the fridge was stocked with enough beers and bottles of wine to last for ages, so they put on some music and just enjoyed the hot summer night in their new city. Every then and again some people would come up and start a conversation, especially guys that were curious about the new chicks across the street. They politely declined all invitations, but were curious about the last guys that came up to them. They seemed cute and as there were three of them, it was a perfect fit. 

Alicia, Mara and Angelique quickly exchanged meaningful looks to acknowledge they were on the same page. “Why don’t you grab a seat?” Alicia said after they’d introduced themselves, “We’ve got some extra chairs inside”.  A guy named George walked in with her to help her with the chairs. Just seconds later they are all toasting their beers and wine sitting around the table. The conversation starts out with the familiar topics, getting to know each other, but it soon changes into something more exciting. “Have you ever had a threesome?” someone askes, and “What is the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?” surprisingly everybody answers them too. Everybody finds out that Mara has been with several women, but likes men too. And the guy who introduced himself as Eli is really into having sex outside. When the question “Who has had anal sex?” is blurded out, only Alicia is remaining silent. 

George looks at her and asks “What about you Alicia?”. “Well, no I haven’t, but I’m open to it. Just to know what it’s like.” Angelique swiftly changes the question to something about sextoys. But George still has his eyes on Alicia, her eyes meet his gaze, the tension is clearly building. When Alicia goes into the house for another bottle of wine, George follows her in to help her “carry stuff”. 

Of course Alicia knows what George’s real reason is. But she pretends to be surprised when he gets behind her and puts his hands on her hips. She puts the bottle of wine on the countertop and turns around a bit. “Hi”. “Hi”, he answers and they smile before leaning over and kiss. After the kiss he looks at her to see what she wants to do next. She turns around and presses her lips on his, and they start to kiss, longer, deeper, and with more passion. They french for a while, while his hands slide over her back, carressing her buttcheeks, she lets her hands run through his hair. When they take a moment to come up for some air, she asks him : “So, want to check out my bedroom?” giving him a naughty look. 

“Mhm-hm” he answers hoarsely. Alicia takes his hand and pulls him in the direction of the stairs and on to her room. She pushes him onto her bed and starts to undress. George kicks off his slippers and pulls his shirt over his head. She gets on his lap and he grabs her firmly. She doesn’t get much time to ride him, because he grabs her and puts her on her back in no time. His mouth starts to journey from her neck to her nipples, slowly to her stomach and down. His face dives between her legs. He starts licking her slowly, from behind, to the front, to the back, to the front, untill she is so wet, she’s almost dripping, he starts concentrating on licking her backside. She feels her body squirming and her hands start grabbing the sheets out of sheer pleasure. 

He gets up and pulls down his pants. “Do you have some?”she pants. He nods and takes it from his pocket. She turns on her stomach. His dick slowly pushes against her anus. “Can I?” he asks her with hope in his eyes. “Okay”, she answers a bit hesitant. “Wait!” She dives into her nightstand and fishes out a bottle of lube, and puts this in his hand. He pushes her buttcheeks apart and squirts a lot of lube on her. He then pushes himself inside her.
He lets her get familiar with the sensation first. Alicia slides her hand down and massages her clit to help her relax. She nods and he starts moving inside her, he doesn’t have to do much to get him to climax, Alicia can hear him moaning and she helps herself with her fingers to reach her own climax. When George comes inside her, she joins him in the same wave. 

“And?”he asks her when they are done and lying close together catching their breaths. “I could do this again”, Alicia says, with a satisfying smile.

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