Erotic Story: The First time We Met
Erotic story

Erotic Story: The First time We Met

By Sabine, 28.12.2023

I am standing on the sideline of my husband’s field hockey practice and I can’t help my mind wandering off. It’s cold and a chilly wind blows over the fields. A gust of wind carries my scarf away and when I turn around to catch it my eyes are met by a radiant smile and beautiful blue eyes. A ‘hello’ without any words. His look hits me hard. The world seems to stand still for a moment, but it comes alive again by cheering sounds and my husband asking me “Honey did you see? Did you see me scoring a point?” I turn around and smile, cheer for the team, but my body is still shivering and my heart is beating loudly. After practice I walk around trying to find the beautiful smile but it’s gone. We go home and talk about our day. Everything is normal again, someone is in the kitchen cooking, the television is on and everybody seems to be busy. 

I can’t seem to shake the image of the man. He must be from here somewhere, but I have never seen him before, still it felt so familiar, like coming home. My body instantly reacts to the thought of his smile, I feel myself getting hotter and even a bit horny. My whole body tingles, I can’t help myself and walk into the bathroom. I close the door and let myself go, I just want to touch myself and come hard. I fondle my labia, push in a finger while using my other hand to rub my clit. I imagine him standing behind me, kissing my neck. He spreads my legs and removes my thong. His hand slides down my back and he pushes my buttcheeks apart to let his hands slide over my wet lips, I moan when he pushes a finger in me. He takes his dick in his hand and moves it over my wet pussy. I feel him entering me, all hot and excited, deep and hard, again and again. He pulls my hair and puts his hand on mine, making me play with myself while he’s fucking me from behind. I moan softly, coming hard while standing in front of the mirror. I look at myself after, my face all flushed and my eyes all naughty. 

A few days later I receive a friend invitation on Instagram while I am working on my laptop in my kitchen. Curious as always I wonder who this weirdo might be. When I look at the request my eyes lock on the profile pic and my heart instantly races. I have to control my breathing and it’s getting wetter between my legs already. My whole body screams sex when I see his picture. I can feel the lust taking over and my body can’t keep sitting still anymore. With my heart beating in my throat I decide to accept. It doesn’t take long for him to send me a message. “Thank you for your smile”. He writes that it was hard for him to find me on Instagram, because of my vague picture. I can’t help smiling, as I am happy it was not just me who felt our chemistry. His name is Felix, so I answer him “Hi Felix with the gorgeous smile”. We start some light conversation, it feels safe and familiar. He knows just what to say and we hit it off instantly. He calls me cheeky and his words captivate me.

“Are you a naught girl?” he asks me. As I am very aroused already I answer him quickly: “I am a very naughty girl, you will be surprised”. “That is so horny, please tell me more”, he begs me. This makes me even hotter and I start to move up my skirt. I look around to make sure I am alone before I take a pillow, move it between my legs and sit on it. It feels so nice. “A threesome”, I send him. “Oooh that sounds good, two men or two women?” “How bad do you want to know? ”, I answer him. “Are you wet already? Can you feel the horniness between your legs?”, he wants to know. I move over the pillow with my hips turning and I feel my panties already being very wet. I start to get restless and I can’t hold myself back anymore. The urge to let my finger slide between my pussy is irresistable. “I am very wet and very horny”. “Show me how wet you are”, he demands. The tension is high and I want to lose control, this is just so hot. Still with my skirt slid up I move into the bedroom. I undress and lay down on my back, having all the space I need to enjoy my body. I decide to take a picture of my horny body, my hand between my legs. 

Then I start my story: “I am at a party, it’s late when I find out I have to go home to pick something up that I forgot. My best friend offers to walk with me because we are getting a bit drunk already. You are there too Felix, and offer to walk with us, as it is the gentleman way to act when two ladies are drunk at night. On my way home I trip and you catch me, kiss me on the mouth. I quickly turn around and start to kiss my friend Sophie, we all know what this is leading to. When we come home we all kiss and all our hands slide over my body, her body and your body. Wet lips and pure horniness overcome us. Moaning with pleasure Sophie throws me on the couch while sliding up my skirt, using her tongue to slide with it, from my leg up to my wet pussy. I undo your pants and feel your hard cock in my hand, I wet my lips and lick towards your balls, suck them softly and then take your delicious hard dick in my mouth while Sophie is licking my pussy like crazy. I just want to feel you inside me right now. You grab me and turn me around while fucking me from behind, admiring me and Sophie kissing. It’s so horny and hot.”

“Ooooh this is so hot, please continue”, Felix asks me. I moan while using my fingers on me and send the sound of it to Felix. He sends me a speech message with his moaning and then he orders me to insert two fingers hard. I am so horny and ask him if I can come. “Please let me come” “No you can’t, only when I say so” his voice tells me. The tension is so high, and then I see him sending me a video of his hard cock while he is playing with it. He is so smoking hot, his body is so toned and his dick is so hard, I can’t stop watching it. I can’t stop touching myself. I want him to fuck me so hard. “Oh my god, Felix! Felix, please” “I want you to film yourself while you are coming and then send it to me, NOW!” I do what he asks, I can finally climax. When I am finished I send him the video of my delicious exciting moment. It takes a while before he reacts and then the words “Superhorny” and “I came hard” appear on my phone. Then I hear the front door and quickly get dressed. I send him a quick text to tell him “ Nice meeting you”….

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