Erotic Story: Personal Trainer
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Personal Trainer

By Yentl, 07.03.2024

I nearly choke on my large bite of penne pasta when Duncan’s face appears on my phone screen. He is on Tinder. The incredibly hot CrossFit trainer is on freaking Tinder! Why didn’t I see him there before?

My eyes scan his profile and with the images of my CrossFit workout of a few hours ago still fresh in my mind, I swipe right. I must be completely insane. I’ve just swiped my trainer right. Shit!  As if burning myself on it, I throw my phone somewhere in the corner of the couch and try to eat the rest of my pasta. Which seems impossible after this action. 

Before completely realizing what I’ve done, my phone lights up with a Tinder notification. Duncan swiped too, we have a match and a message comes in immediately. With shaking hands I open his message. It’s just two words with a question mark: Date tonight? Without thinking about it too long I send my address and propose to meet at 8.00 PM. After barely a minute, he confirms my plan. 

I throw my plate in the sink, tidy my house and en put on a nice outfit. It’s time to show Duncan a side of myself that he’s never seen in the gym before. 

I nervously open the door, as soon as I hear the bell ringing. Duncan’s wearing jeans, a hoody and his dark hair is styled for a change, instead of wildly tousled. He leans his arm against the door post and looks at me with a crooked smile. 

‘So…,’ he breaks the silence, ‘haven’t you been today?’

I burst out laughing. ‘No, I actually wanted some extra exercise.’ I take a step back and gesture for him to come in. Something he doesn’t have to think about for long. 

He briefly compliments me on my house. And then he looks at me with that piercing gaze of his.

‘Can I be blunt?’

His question raises a hundred question marks in my head, but I decide to give him the go-ahead. 


‘I say this with the best intentions, really, but I’ve wanted you ever since the first time I saw you.’

All the air seems to disappear from my longs. I stand rooted to the spot as his gaze pierces mine. 

‘I’m not kidding you, Anna.’

Phew, the way he says my name. It’s as if I hear my name for the first time. The air between us is charged and my desire even more so. I nervously fiddle with the hemline of my top and finally manage to reply. ‘I get that.’

With one big step he stands before me. So close I can feel the warmth of his breath on my skin.  ‘Can I kiss you?’

I nod briefly and before I can say anything, I feel his hands gripping my hair and his lips pressing mine. Our tongues seriously swirl around each other and it seems as if all the excitement of the past few months has finally found a way out. As if we can’t speak before processing this first. My hands slide over his firm back, towards his even firmer butt.

‘You’re so fucking hot,’ he pants.

I feel tense all through my body. The top I put on is tight and all I want to do is take it off. I want to take everything off. One of his hands has found my breast and he massages it like a pro. Then he takes a few more steps forward, and as I move along with him, he presses me firmly against the wall. Almost crushed between his body and the concrete, my hands find a way to the edge of his jeans. The sound of our moaning echoes through my living room and it doesn’t even matter to me that my curtains are open wide. Nothing really matters to me. As long as this is happening. 

He deftly pulls my top over my head, undoes my pants and lets his hand slide in as his tongue caresses my breasts. ‘This is even better than in my fantasy,’ he pants. 

‘Take off your pants!’, I urge him. Duncan smiles at me. 

‘Sorry, I can’t wait any longer. Take ‘m off.’ My words sound almost pleading and he obeys without hesitation. My pants are next.

We stand facing each other completely naked, locked in an intense gaze. The images of the TikTok men are dancing around in my head and I can only reach one conclusion; they could learn something here. 

He takes a condom from his pocket and carefully rolls it down his boner. I bite my bottom lip watching this scene. Then he reaches for my right leg, places his hand in the hollow of my knee and pulls my leg up. He shamelessly spits on my abdomen and with his fingertips divides his spit along my hot labia. I sigh with excitement. 

As I look down, his erection slides through them, then he holds me firmly in place and thrusts inside. I throw my arm around his neck and playfully bite his shoulder. I let my free hand slide to my clit, and press my fingers firmly against it and slowly start circling to the rhythm of his thrusts. We establish eye contact every once in a while, but mostly we both look down. To the immensely horny sight unfolding there. 

After a few blissful minutes, I feel the muscles in my legs tightening. I feel my body getting hot and our animal sounds have become deafening by now. 

I shout that I’m coming and I can tell by his facial expression that he’s enjoying it. With shaking fingers, I keep circling until my orgasm explodes through my body. I grab onto his body and do my best to stay upright as he continues his thrusts and then comes on a curse.

Sweaty, out of breath and with sticky locks of hair, as if I’ve just finished a CrossFit class, I look at him. 

‘Well,’ he laughs, ‘now we can have a normal conversation. This had to come out first.’

‘Literally,’ I laugh.

He rolls the condom off and then calmly starts putting his clothes back on. 

‘Wine?’, I ask, as soon as my outfit is back in place. 

‘Yes please. There’s nothing wrong with your stamina, by the way.’

I look at him with a grin. ‘That’s because I have a good trainer.’

‘A personal trainer from now on.’

With a sore feeling between my legs, I walk into the kitchen laughing to poor the glasses of wine. I like having a personal trainer this way.

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