You recognize these sex bloopers too!
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You recognize these sex bloopers too!

By Sabine, 11.07.2022

Luckily, we all do it once in a while. Due to nerves, too much alcohol or just plain clumsiness. No problem. In fact, we usually like fun stories about it. And they say laughter is healthy. Even during sex! In general, sex is just exciting, horny and delicious. But we don’t want to withhold these blunders from you to make you feel better after your embarrassment. You’re not the only one. Sit down, read along and chuckle.

Too much lubricant

Lube is your friend, but as long as you keep it within normal amounts. For example, too much lubricant can cause the condom to fall off. We also don’t have to think that you have applied large blobs and you notice that it suddenly starts to burn. Ahh! Not really the flame you want to blow up.

Wrong name

Oops.. in the heat of battle you suddenly call out your ex’s name.

No condom in sight

And you thought you were fully prepared for the battle!

Wandering thoughts

Are you just enjoying it, your brain suddenly starts to wonder when the dirt has to get back on the road. What time do you actually have to be at your appointment tomorrow and was there nothing that you really shouldn’t forget when shopping? Well, see how you cum again.

Too drunk

You got drunk and too drunk. A glass won’t directly affect your bed performance, but a shitload is another story. When you cross the line from licentious to completely drunk, it just happens that performing has become impossible! Poor intention unfortunately.


We all fart sometimes, really, even the king! But it is annoying when something slips during a horny sex party. And then you also have the ‘usual’ sounds that your flamoes produce. Plop plop plop.

Own world

Such a fierce romp that you forget the world around you, very nice when that happens. Then you are comfortable in it. Just smile sweetly when the neighbors ask if it was fun due to all the noises.

Peaked too early

Who does not know the famous scene from American Pie. It’s really not just Jim who managed to spray his goodies through space before anything actually happens.


It’s going well, it’s going wild. A bit too wild actually. In an attempt to jump on his body exciting and horny, you accidentally knee him. Get out the freezer bag of peas.


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