Your love and sex bucketlist of 2022

Your love and sex bucketlist of 2022

By Sabine, 13.01.2022

Yes people, it’s 2022! Time flies when you’re …mostly in lockdown! The pandemic made life a lot harder and more boring, but this year, well to be honest, we know it won’t change much. Chin up, you are still in control of your own life, let’s talk about sex baby, and about love of course. We’ll help you get started by creating the 2022 love & sex bucketlist.

Love & sex bucketlist

  1. Go on a terrible date and laugh about it weeks after. 
  2. French kiss for hours! Like when you were still a teenager. 
  3. Hopelessly fall in love.
  4. Flirt with your boss/manager/co-worker like there is no tomorrow.
  5. Sex on the beach.
  6. Do a striptease.
  7. Go out (when you can again) and dance, dance, dance! 
  8. Have sex with a handsome stranger and never meet them again after.
  9. Have sex in every corner of your house.
  10. Have a sex weekend.
  11. Masturbate every day for a month. 
  12. Have sex with all the lights on (or out!)
  13. Get handsy with your lover when you’re not alone in the room.
  14. Experiment with your sexuality.
  15. Walk around the house naked -the whole day.
  16. Having a first date with your partner. 
  17. Experiment with toys.
  18. Use a blindfold during sex.
  19. Buy a very expensive sex toy (for couples)- It’s worth the money.
  20. Watch an exciting movie together.
  21. Read an exciting book.
  22. Roleplay.
  23. Have sex in front of a mirror.
  24. Be the third in a threesome.
  25. Attend a sex party.
  26. Subscribe to DUSK! And enjoy as much quality porn as you want! 

What are you waiting for? You only live once. So print it out and check it off!

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