Have Even Better Vacation Sex
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Have Even Better Vacation Sex

By Rebecca, 22.08.2022

Sex on vacation? Not sure if anything could ever top that!

We have a few tips and tricks to make vacation sex even better. Yes, it can be even better!

Here are 6 ways to enjoy better vacation sex.

#1. Book a Nice Accommodation

Vacations are expensive, and it can be tempting to rent a very budget-friendly place. However, you want to make sure you will be comfortable in the location you are renting. Whether it is a hotel, hostel, or Airbnb – there needs to be a certain level of cleanliness and comfort if you’re planning on getting down and dirty together.

If you think the room is gross or if the bed sheet is stained, you will probably be less tempted to get naked together. Similarly, if you rent a room in a house or you book a shared accommodation somewhere, it might not be as private as you would like.

You don’t need to go overboard with the price of the accommodation, but make sure you aren’t booking the cheapest accommodation based on price alone.

#2. Bring Your Sex Supplies

You can absolutely travel with your condoms, lubricants, and sex toys or accessories. Make sure you are heading somewhere where sex toys are legal (there are a few countries and American states where it is illegal). Make sure you put any liquids over 100 ml in your checked baggage. Sex toys can be places in checked baggage or your hand baggage if you are okay with the security seeing your toys. If there are batteries, take them out before packing your toys.

Also bring your charger and any travel adapter that might be necessary. You don’t need to bring a huge amount of toys with you, but you also don’t need to leave them at home just because you’re headed to another city or country. If you enjoy using sex toys, bring them with you!

There are sex toys shops in most cities where it is legal, so if you can always pick up supplies during your vacation, but it is best to be prepared.

#3. Plan Time for Sex

Travelling can be exhausting. If your itinerary is jam-packed with site seeing, you might end up too tired at the end of the day to do anything but relax. It can be tempting to plan every minute of every day to get the most out of your vacation, but don’t wear yourself out. Schedule some time just the two of you to hang out and get intimate.

If you’re too exhausted by the end of the day, plan some alone time in the morning!

#4. Change It Up

While you’re out experiencing a new culture and new food, why not try something new in the bedroom?

If there is something you have been meaning to try, a vacation can be a great place to try it! You’re both more relaxed, less focused on the stress of work and stuff going on at home.

You don’t have to suddenly start role-playing or tying each other up, you can simply try a new position, a new time of day, or a new sex accessory. While you’re changing up your routine outside the bedroom, try changing it up inside the bedroom!

#5. Keep it Legal

While having sex on the beach might be intriguing, make sure it isn’t illegal (hint: it probably is). Public indecency is not just a law at home – it is also a law in many places abroad. In fact, it might even have greater punishments than at home.

If you are in a non-heterosexual relationship, always make sure to check gay rights before engaging in any PDA. Unfortunately, it is not accepted everywhere. You can opt not to give that destination your tourist dollars, but if you decide to head there, make sure to know what is acceptable or not.

You might be tempted to be spontaneous or wild, but always keep it legal. 

#6. It Doesn’t Need to Be Perfect

There can be a lot of pressure surrounding vacations and sex, but there doesn’t have to be. Your vacation does not need to be perfectly romantic, and you don’t need to have an orgasm every day. In fact, things like yeast infections, upset tummies, and sunburns can put a big damper on any plans, including sexy plans.

Don’t hold on to perfection, just make it fun and you’ll have a successful vacation together!

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