Fall in love – The best sex tips for autumn

Fall in love – The best sex tips for autumn

By Emmeline Peaches, 17.10.2022

Is there any better season than autumn? Hot chocolate and marshmallows, crisp, orange leaves on the trees, the smell of freshness and bonfires in the air. Autumn has such a distinct aesthetic and style to it that it’s hard not to be drawn in to the spirit of the season.

And why not? With so much to enjoy autumn should definitely be celebrated, and how better than to try some fun autumn-inspired sex activities? So sit back, get cosy, and put on a cup of cocoa as we look at the best ways to bring a bit of autumn fun into the bedroom.

Get Cosy by the Fireplace
For most of us autumn means that the temperatures start to get a bit cooler. But instead of mourning the hotter days of summer why not celebrate this change of pace? For one autumn means that sex will be a lot less sweaty, which is a definite bonus!

However if you still want to turn up the heat then this season is the perfect time to hug up to each other after a long day in the cold, get cosy by the fireplace and engage in some slow, intimate foreplay together.
Fireplaces create a unique ambience. Take advantage of this by tracing your partner’s skin and noticing how the light of the flames enhances their natural curves. Revel in the atmosphere as you gradually move towards your climaxes.

If you don’t have a fireplace then that’s fine. You can create an equally intimate atmosphere with candles or an artificial heater. Just as long as you dim the lights and enjoy that warming glow together.

Engage in Some Creative Sensory Play
Having some designated tools of the trade for sensory play is a must-have in a relationship but sometimes it’s fun to get creative too.

Got a big cosy scarf? It would make a fantastic blindfold. Or maybe some impromptu bindings for a little bit of light BDSM. You could even create a bit of a show before doing so by using it as a bit of gift wrapping—wearing nothing but a scarf when your partner returns home (and some comfortable winter socks, of course).
Autumn fashion seems practically made for engaging the senses. Scarf tassels and the baubles on the end of woolly hats can feel fantastic when brushed against the skin, as can many other fabric items reserved mainly for the autumn season. Perhaps your partner would appreciate feeling soft gloves stroke against their skin while blindfolded, for example. Explore together and find what works for you.

However if you want to keep things more conventional then you really can’t go wrong with a glass/metal dildo warmed to perfection. Temperature play works best when polarized against the weather outside after all and the warm embrace of a steel sex toy on a chilly day is near irresistible.

For the adventurous kinkster autumn is also a great time to get out those erotic massage candles and engage in some wax play. Anything that invokes that sense of heat and comfort is perfect for autumn (plus a massage never goes amiss).

Enjoy Some Autumn Treats
Marshmallows, chocolate fondues, maple syrup, warm cider with cinnamon, and pumpkin spiced everything. The scents and tastes of autumn are huge aphrodisiac for most people. Take advantage of this by using autumn’s many sweet treats to (pumpkin) spice up your love life with some food-based foreplay.
Make a fondue together and enjoy it while completely naked. Feed each other the warm chocolate treats as you enjoy each other’s company.

The temptation here may be to pour the hot chocolate on yourself but be cautious with this—fondues aren’t made for the skin and can be unexpectedly hot! Instead use this opportunity to tease each other with your oral prowess. Pick dipping foods such as strawberries, bananas, or marshmallows which really allow you to showcase what you can do with your mouth and tongue. Just make sure you don’t fill up too much. You’ll want to save yourself for that other dessert, after all.

Maple syrup or pumpkin spiced syrup are the perfect autumn treats to drizzle over your body so that your partner can lovingly lick them off. The scent of these delectable treats is guaranteed to create a sensuous mood, serving to amplify their every motion. From there all you have to do is lie back and enjoy the experience. Just don’t get too enthusiastic with the pouring or you may find that your partner’s sweet tooth has a limit!

If you’re the one doing the licking then make sure you take the time to explore your partner’s body and try a variety of different techniques. Start off slowly, savouring the taste of the syrup against their warm skin, before beginning to play with quicker, flickering motions and adding in some long, forceful laps. Don’t be afraid to introduce a little nibble or two as well. The occasional bite can add that extra jolt of excitement to the experience.

As a warning you’ll want to be careful that these sweet treats don’t get anywhere near the genitals where they could cause some unwanted infections. Flavoured lubricants are more suited for this role (and picking out the right flavour together can be a great group activity). Safety first!

So What Are You Waiting For?
As the leaves change colour it’s time to change up your sex life and enjoy that autumn inspiration. With these tips and tricks I’m sure that you’ll soon be falling for this season too.

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