Cam Girls

Cam Girls

By Emmeline Peaches, 20.06.2018

If you’ve been on the net searching for ‘adult’ content for any length of time then, chances are, you’ve probably stumbled upon the term ‘cam girls.’

A relatively recent phenomenon in terms of the history of human smut, cam girls represent the extreme social and economic liberation that the internet is now able to afford aspiring female entrepreneurs who like to use their body, personality, and sexual appeal as key selling points in their business.

But just what are cam girls exactly, how did they come to be, and what is the best way to go about engaging with and supporting a cam girl? That’s what this guide exists for!

A Definition of Cam Girls

The term ‘cam girl’ has existed online since the early 2000’s and expanded upon the late 1990’s use of the term [Name]cam, which was popularized by Jenny Ringley who launched a service called JenniCam which allowed viewers to see periodical photographs of her daily activities (including strip tease).

That being said, interaction with audiences via a webcam service for specifically adult means would not occur until a little later and the camgirl popularity we experience today only really started booming from 2014 onward.

Cam girls are essentially individuals who, typically for a price, offer photographic or video clips or streams of themselves via webcam to willing audiences. Some of these individuals like to have very direct interactions with their audiences – offering services where they will do group (or even private) streams – whereas others keep things a tad more impersonal, either talking to their viewership as a whole or not really interacting in livestreams.

Camgirl refers specifically to those who identify as female and engage in this career choice but the cam community is made up of a variety of gender identities. In such cases the terms ‘camboy’ or ‘cam model’ might instead be used, though the current cam community is predominately led by camgirls.

Why People Choose To Become Camgirls

The reasons that one might choose to become a camgirl are as diverse and speculative as the reasons that anyone might choose to go in to any career path. Having said that, there are a few more prevalent reasons among those who consider a career as a camgirl.

For many people, being a camgirl represents a chance to become a self-employed, self-supporting individual on their own terms and with a form of social and performative interaction that has a personal appeal to them. Unlike certain potentially adult career opportunities, camgirls can easily moderate who they talk to, the situation (and location) in which they find themselves, and the extent of the activities that they choose to undertake.

Many camgirls, for example, may not even choose to display nudity or overtly sexual behaviour during their cam sessions, although quite a few do, as they feel comfortable and happy to do so. Either way, the level of nudity or behaviour that they do display is done entirely on their terms and with their boundaries fully in place which, to many, is an invaluable aspect of pursuing an adult career via home webcam.

Where Can Camgirls Be Found?

All over the place really, though your best bet is likely to be either designated camgirl sites or social media spaces such as Twitter or adult-centric communities.

As a lot of camgirls are self-employed, many do advertise their services either on their own site or through things such as their Twitter or Snapchat feed.

Whatever the way you find a camgirl it is always advised that you spend a little bit of time getting to know the setup of their business model and a bit about what services they offer before assuming that the girl you have found is perfectly matched for what you expect to get from a session of their camming time (or clips).

What Should I Look For In A Camgirl?

This one is obvious – Personality!

One of the absolute best things about deciding to engage with a camgirl is that you’re basically getting to know a persona and basically have a nice little hang out session with them. Think of it like a gaming or Skype meet up with your friends, except it’s with a lady that you think is rad and want to see and know more about in an intimate nature.

Of course, camgirls aren’t there to cater to or pander to you as an individual, but chances are they will engage in some discussion while on camera, which means that having some common ground and liking how they present themselves and what they discuss is important.

Remember: Naked imagery and pornography are already available for other forms of adult engagement, camgirls are offering an experience alongside the typically aesthetic offerings of those two mediums.

How Can I Support Camgirls

Another easy one – Use their services.

Go to cam sessions that they host. Interact. Donate beyond admission (if they offer the service) and ask them if they provide any additional services that you might also be able to support them through.

Showing respect and remembering that you’re talking to an individual is also of the utmost importance. A camgirl is not just someone who is there for your viewing pleasure and they have the right to terminate service if they ever feel disrespected or exploited, but we trust you’d never make anyone feel that way.

Show appreciation for the awesome individual who has chosen to make a business out of spending time online in front of a camera for you and you’ll be on to a winner.

And That’s A Wrap!

Camgirls are amazing individuals who have truly taken current technological innovations and used them to pursue their kinky and social dreams. Finding camgirls should not be much of an issue in this day and age and we highly recommend you give it a try and support these awesome ladies. Oh and keep it social and friendly. After all: At the end of the day it’s just like another Twitch stream.

Emmeline Peaches

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