Erotic Story: Eyes Wide Open – Part 6
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Eyes Wide Open – Part 6

By Victoria, 25.04.2020

Shortly after my whip is peacefully resting on the floor next to my heels, his blood draws to the parts of his skin that have just been struck. Objectively I observe the red stripes that are forming, only taking into account the biological reaction that is taking place inside his body. His breath is deep and slow. His eyes remain closed.

I give him a moment to enjoy the chemicals of pain and pleasure to run through his veins. Then I turn my attention inwards; my body has gotten warm, the pounding of my heart is heavy, and my hands are clammy. I have no idea about the actual temperature of the room, but it feels like any generated heat is unable to escape the dungeon.

I stroll to the back of the X-frame and start to take off my dress for the second time tonight. I can sense he wants to inquire about what is happening out of his vision, but his mouth stays shut, and his head does not move. “Tell me, did you enjoy fucking me? Did you enjoy the tightness of my ass?” I ask him rather plainly while I circle back to the front in my underwear. “Yes, Delphine. The tightness of your ass around my dick felt heavenly.”

“Do you want more pain?” I inquire. “Yes. I think I deserve much more pain. Please. I am your slave tonight.

The marks on his chest have started to swell. There are not enough of them, and I prepare to hit him once more. We look deeply into each other eyes while the leather of the whip forcefully impacts his skin repeatedly. The clashes are loud and sound incredibility painful.

He holds his screams inside of him and inhales rapidly through his nose. Once more I put all my strength into my swing and hit him with my whip. This time tearing open the layer of skin, causing small droplets of blood to be visible. Again I don’t hear any safe words.

His screams are directed inwards, and his body wants to cringe but is being held in position by the constraints. Never before in my life have I physically harmed another human being and I need to take a moment to remind myself that we have both have consented to this.

Suddenly I get filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. A man I barely know has given me the control over his body. A position I have not dared to dream of before this evening and I have to force myself not to become emotional. “Do you want more pain?” I inquire. “Yes. I think I deserve much more pain. Please. I am your slave tonight.”

His words reassure me and feel it is time to change my gear. I put the whip back in its original spot and start to hover over the equipment with my hands again, completely ignoring any toys that have the purpose of constraining the mouth area. They simply don’t exist in this setting. Somehow the simplicity of the wooden paddle intrigues me.

Shortly after it is in my right hand and I take some practice swings in the air, as one would do with a baseball bat. The feeling of it immediately creates a desire to let the hard wood bounce of his firm ass. I leave on the paddle on the table for now and make my way back to him and move as close as I possibly can. Positioning my mouth next to his ear and holding his throat firmly with my slender hand.

“You will remember this punishment for the rest of your life I can assure you”.

“I will release you now. It is time your punishment aligns more with your crime. “Will you behave and do as I tell you?” I whisper in his ear. “Yes, my Delphine. I will do as you tell me.” Slowly I start to undo the shackles, first from his ankles and then his wrists, and with just my index finger pull on the chain connecting the nipple clamps, urging him to follow me away from the frame. “Brad, oh, Brad, never again will you steal one’s innocence after I am done with you,” I say intimidatingly while I walk towards the only chair in the room.

It is a merlot shade, leather armchair with a long back, giving it the impression of a throne. However, only now I realise the chair is as much out character with the rest of the interior as we are. Before I sit down, I grab the paddle and hit the leather of the chair with it, imagining the effect it will have on his ass in the very near future.

When I sit down on the chair, the softness of the leather surprises me. Quickly I find the most comfortable position but get reminded of what Brad did to me earlier this evening, the pain in my ass arouses me. “Now come here, you bad boy,” I demand and gesture Brad to position himself accordingly for his severe punishment.

Slightly awkwardly he places his beautiful butt cheeks right under my face and lets the rest of his body lean on the broad elbow rests of the chair. I squeeze his flesh and let my palm bounce of the firm muscles that make up his derriere. I take my time to explore the back of his body both visually and kinetically as I solidly grip his flesh between my fingers.

Letting the anticipation build, seducing the blood to start rising to the surface of his skin. His restlessness could be interpreted as anxiety, but his hard dick on my leg informs me otherwise. I raise my hand and let gravity do most of the work.

“You will remember this punishment for the rest of your life I can assure you,” I shout while I continuously put more force into the spanking. Using my hand gives me the pleasure of feeling the impact resonating from my palm through my arm, helping me to imagine the sensation of the vibrations running through his flesh all the way to the tip of his hot shaft. After a while, his skin is very red, and my hand is getting sore. “I hope your skin is very sensitive right now. So, you experience my punishment fully”.

I raise the paddle high into the air, and hold it there, teasing him with the anticipation of the pain. While my right arm is aiming, I let my left arm lean on his head, as if it was not there and just a part of the armrest. Over and over again the impact of the hard wood on his soft skin is creating loud noises.

We are both completely immersed in the present moment, and for a while, the world outside the surrounding walls does not exist. Without thinking I continue until slowly the strength in my arm diminishes. The paddle falls out of my hand onto the floor next to me, and I start to massage my right arm. “I need you to massage my arm, Brad.”

Within seconds he is kneeling before me, and with both hands, works his magic on the soreness in my arm. My eyes catch a glimpse of a cigarette package, and instantly I get the intense urge to smoke. I don’t even smoke, but apparently Delphine does. “Brad,” I mutter and tilt my head in the direction of the package.

Brad gets up and takes a cigarette out of the package. Swiftly he puts it in between my lips and holds one of the candles beneath it. Intuitively I suck hard on the cigarette and let the smoke fill my mouth, and breathe in. I have to suppress the urge to cough.

Quickly the tobacco is transformed into ash, and Brad opens his mouth widely. I am hesitant for a short moment, but release the ash into my human ashtray and let my legs rest on his shoulders. We stay like this for the length of my cigarette, during which I ponder over everything that has happened in this place without judgement and ultimate sexual freedom.

“Can I get a hug now?” he asks humbly. Without saying anything I pull him onto me and engulf him with my arms, holding him tightly, softly speaking words of kindness. “Thank you, Delphine” he whispers.

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