Erotic Story: Eyes Wide Open – Part 4
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Eyes Wide Open – Part 4

By Victoria, 11.04.2020

Part four of a woman’s BDSM journey were she will lose her innocence forever.

The wild crowd of masked people is being penetrated by the deep bass of the music. Urging all of them to dance harder, fuck harder, hit harder. My innocence is like Alice, naïve and completely lost in Wonderland, anxiously looking around, trying to find a way back to reality amongst the chaos. I am coming to terms with the realization that there is no way back. The music builds up and everybody seems to be intoxicated with insanity. In front of me is a man on his knees trying to make his way through the herd of stamping people. Anxiously trying to kiss every foot that moves in front of his face with a moment of stillness. It does not take long before he gets accidentally gets kicked in the face, his excitement continues to accrue. Right next to him, a man getting fucked by another, by a strap on that is attached to his face, synchronized to the rhythm of the omnipresent music. The hissing woman is going crazy, cheering the scattering of my innocence and subsequently drawing all the attention towards us. The music and the tension continue to build up and I take another sweat filled breath, inhaling the all the evaporated fluids in in the air. Tasting the sex in my mouth and nose.

When the music finally drops, the crowd loses itself in ecstasy and slowly, but steady the entranced of my asshole is being stretched to its maximum. My masked companion’s nails embed themselves in the flesh surrounding my hips, while he pushes his dick very gradually into my ass. My mouth opens but the screams are inverted and even without music there would have been no sound. My eyelids tremble when I try to close my eyes and my innocence explodes into a thousand unrecognizable pieces as the nerve endings inside me are enjoying the stimulation of his hard dick rubbing against them.

The pain and pleasure have become indistinguishable and without being cognizant about it, I move my fingers in between my legs

It feels and looks like we are partying in the devil’s bedroom and I am enjoying every last bit of it. The unrecognizable crowd gives me a strange feeling of familiarity while the thrust from behind gradually increase in force. Still far behind on the rhythm of the surrounding music. When I listen closely I can hear the corresponding groans loudly escaping his mouth. Tubes of lube are being passed around in abundance and my companion amply empties another all over his hands and my body, turning us into beings of a planet with no friction. He forces me into relaxation, as he lets his hands slide over my back up to my neck. With one hand, he grabs hold of all of my hair and pulls it towards himself, forcing me to look up and causing my scalp to pleasantly hurt.

The scenery in front of me keeps changing like an elaborate theatre of sex. Now, a man with a latex mask is passionately rubbing a blue balloon against his fully erected cock. Weirdly reminding me of my childhood and rubbing balloons over our heads to create static. However, the intensity of the anal fucking immediately pushes me back into the present. There is a slight change of position and this enables him to reach a spot inside of me, I previously did not know existed. Every push consciously executed. The pain and pleasure have become indistinguishable and without being cognizant about it, I move my fingers in between my legs. At the same speed, I gently start to massage my hard clit, aiding in the creation one of the most intense orgasms I have had in my life.

I think you should be punished for taking away my innocence. Don’t you think?” I whisper in his ear.

Just for a moment, I completely forget where I am and need a moment to adjust to my bizarre surroundings. Instantly my curiosity is sparked again by the man making love to the balloon and I watch as it gets covered in semen, someone else bits it, and it explodes into nothingness. After witnessing the intense life and death of the balloon, I turn around and make eye contact with my companion again.

I need a fucking drink,” I scream into his ear, while drops of sweat run down my face. You, you are something special,” he says and squeezes my cheeks like those of a little girl, pretending there is still innocence left in me. Hand in hand we work our way through the masses of people towards the big metal door and are being let out. Immediately, the difference in temperature forces my nipples to become stiff and create goosebumps all over my naked body. Everything that has happened in the other room instantly feels like a bizarre dream as soon as we are dressed again. A couple of corridors later we are back in the living room and are getting offered a glass of champagne that vanishes into my stomach within seconds.” Oh, look at you,” he says while I gulp down my drink. I put away my empty glass and sensually move close to him. “I think you should be punished for taking away my innocence. Don’t you think?” I whisper in his ear.

“Yes, indeed. I deserve to be severely punished for taking away your innocence,” he utters humbly.

“My hand engulfs his purple tie, as soon as he has finished his sentence and I start pulling him with me towards one of the many undiscovered corridors leading to various rooms. One of them probably well enough equipped for the appropriate punishment. We encounter a woman with a white mask and large white fathers on top, her amazing body seems familiar. However, all their bodies look the same. With one swift movement, I grab a glass and gulp it down even quicker than the first one. “Not you, you bastard,” I rant loudly as soon as my companion reaches for a glass. My anger and confidence seem to arouse us both and I pull even harder on his tie, forcing his neck to follow my movements in order to avoid more pain. Abruptly I stop walking when in the corner of my eye I spot a vacant room filled with strange medieval wooden furniture and various torture devices. The brick wall and four torches as only light source, create the perfect feeling of a torture dungeon. ” Well, look at this! Here we must find a proper way to punish you,” I say and push him aggressively into the room. He is locked into obedience and immediately moves towards the wooden X-frame in the middle of the room. For a short while, he observes it and looks back at me.So, I think we need a safe word”, he says enthusiastically while I close the door to the corridor.

To be continued…

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