Erotic Story: In the cinema
Erotic story

Erotic Story: In the cinema

By Sabine, 23.03.2023

It felt weird walking in the hallway of the cinema after such a long time. But it was nice that we were allowed back in! It didn’t take Ella long to round up her main squeeze for a date night. She didn’t care it was a random Tuesday night, you gotta grab what’s up for grabs these days.  A cinematic night out was to be the perfect foreplay, heading to his house after. Marc wasn’t the type to have in depth conversations with, but the sex was amazing. To each his own, she always said. Marc was waiting for her holding the tickets and after buying an enormous tub of popcorn they took the escalator to hall 14. 

Ella chose a light romantic comedy because real life has been dramatic enough lately. They sat down on the seats they had reserved, all the way in the back row.  They’d already started playing the pre-movie commercials when they entered the hall, but Ella en Marc appeared to be the only ones in there. Just when the movie started a couple sneaked into the hall too, but they were so into each other that they didn’t really notice Ella and Marc sitting in the back, as they chose seats in the front row. Ella looked at Marc and they laughed while looking at the couple so obviously in love. 

She knows what her next step will be. 

When they grab a handful of popcorn at the same time, their hands touch. Instinctively she caresses his hand with her fingers. She takes his hand and guides it to her mouth. She licks the popcorn from his hand in a teasing way. She feels Marc’s eyes focused on her but pretends she doesn’t notice and keeps on staring at the screen. But he wants more, she realises when she feels his fingers on her lips again. She opens her mouth a bit and lets him feed her bits of popcorn very slowly.  With every bite she opens her mouth a bit more and licks the fingers holding the popcorn. She starts moving her head to the back and the front so the fingers slide in and out of her mouth. 

Marc can’t take much more and leans in to swap his fingers with his mouth. Their lips touch and his tongue slides in her mouth. Their tongues meet and playfully move around before he moves closer for an intimate french kiss. He moves his hand up her leg and up her body pausing on her neck. His hand slides down to her breast. He knows how horny she gets when he pulls her nipples and he feels her shifting on her seat when he squeezes her nipple and pulls it softly. Her breathing is getting heavier. She’s forgotten about the movie and her only focus now is him.  A bit clumsy, she tries to move her skirt up. It’s not as easy as expected because of the fold up chairs. But she’s able to give him all access not much later. His hand slides in her panties and the wetness tells him she’s already very horny. He wets his finger to help it slide smoothly over her clit. Ella grabs her chair with both hands and tilts her head back. 

He knows exactly what she likes and it doesn’t take long before she squirms of pleasure in her seat , biting her lip to suppress the moaning. “Pull your pants down”, she whispers, “I want you inside me”.
He acts on it without any doubt but soon finds out those fold up chairs aren’t easy. When his hard dick finally sticks out enough, she kneels down and takes it in her mouth. First the tip, and then his whole dick deeper and deeper. She then climbs on top of him, pulls away her panties and lets his dick slide into her.  

Ella takes the time taking up the feeling, then starts to move her hips up and down. She slips her tongue in his mouth to suppress the moans but it’s hard to stay quiet. 

Ella grabs the back of the seat with both hands while Marc grabs her ass with his free hands. He starts massaging her ass, harder and harder. His fingers find their way around her ass, grabbing her buttcheeks, pulling them apart,  moving them in a quicker tempo. He uses one finger to slide down her crack and that pushes her over the edge. She barely has the time to warn him that she is about to climax when she feels her lower body raging. Marc pushes extra hard and she feels him coming inside her just seconds later. 

They stay in the same position until they catch their breath again. “Errr, I will visit the ladies room for a moment if you don’t mind”, Ella says laughing while getting up from him. She will watch the movie some other time…

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