It’s common knowledge that all women are different when it comes to being stimulated to reach an orgasm. But using your nipples to get to that devine point may be news to you. Do you want to reach a climax by stimulating your nipples? Take out the girls, because after reading this piece you will know exactly what’s it all about and of course how to get a nipple orgasm!

The nipple orgasm

Well, it kind of says it all, a nipple orgasm is an orgasm you experience after breast and nipple stimulation. When you are excited your clitoris swells up, and so do your nipples. When your nipples are being stroked, the same area of your brain is being triggered as when your clitoris is being fondled. When your niples are being lovingly touched oxytocin is being released by your body. That is the same substance that makes your vagina muscles tighten. It will also create a stronger blood flow down there, that will help some women to have an orgasm. 

How to get such a nipple orgasm?

It sounds really good, you are probably wondering how to get one? It all starts by experimenting. If touching your nipples is new for you or for your partner then it takes some time finding out what works, and what doesn’t. One woman’s nipples are more sensitive than another. What may work for you, may not work for somebody else. Some women like it when their nipples are being squeezed hard, while others only like it if they are lovingly fondled.

Do you want to go for it? Don’t be too subtle when approaching it. Start slowly with other parts of your breasts, then continue to your nipples. You have to be open to it mentally, and not focus too much on reaching your climax. Try and include some nipple play in your foreplay, it might lead you to a new and exciting orgasm!

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