What to Know About Edging Orgasms

What to Know About Edging Orgasms

By Rebecca, 03.06.2019

You’ve probably experienced orgasm edging at some point in your life but you might not have known it by name.

Orgasm edging is when you are brought close to orgasm, but stopped from having an actual orgasm, just to repeat it again and again until you finally have a gigantic orgasm. This can be done when masturbating on your own or done with a partner. It can be especially effective when sex toys are involved!

Why Do People Like Orgasm Edging?

Orgasm edging is a method of controlling or delaying an orgasm. The increased blood flow to the area increases sensitivity and often results in a much more powerful orgasm than if you had gone straight to the climax.

Orgasm edging is not just for a select few people – this can be done with vulvas or with penises (and is part of how someone with premature ejaculation can learn better orgasm control).

How to Try Orgasm Edging

Whether you do this by yourself or with a partner, the process is the same. You want to bring yourself close to an orgasm – right up to the point where you feel like you’re about to explode or go over the edge. Right before your body makes it over that hill, you stop or slow down the stimulation. By stopping the stimulation, your body won’t go over the edge – but you’ll feel desperate to! You want to stop stimulation right before that “point of no return.”

How to Tell You’re at the Edge

In order for you to stop stimulation before the “point of no return,” you need to learn where that point is. It will feel different for everyone, so the important thing is to practice! When that orgasm build up is happening, try stopping at different moments. Some times you’ll stop too soon and sometimes you’ll miss the moment and go all the way to climax. You have to learn your own body’s cues for that point of no return. Practice makes perfect!

How to Stop an Orgasm

Most articles talk about how to cause an orgasm instead of stopping it! Well, in terms of orgasm edging – it is both. You have to learn how to stop an orgasm (or several) before you end with an incredibly powerful one.

Every time you or your partner brings you closer to climaxing, it will become harder and harder to avoid having an orgasm. Believe it or not, at a certain point, it takes skills to stop it from happening.

In order to stop yourself from going over the edge, you can switch up the stimulation (change speeds, strokes, etc), you can take a pause from any stimulation at all. You can work on your breathing, with deep breaths helping you focus on controlling your body.

If your partner is in control, make sure to tell them when you are getting close. They can’t read your mind so they will probably need some help knowing when to reduce or pause the stimulation. Some people have huge signs that they are about to orgasm, but that takes a while for a partner to recognize so don’t be afraid to verbalize it.

Plan to Use Lubricant

Edging sessions can be long or short, but they do tend to be longer than a regular straight-to-the-point sex session. This is where lubricant comes in! While the whole situation can be very erotic, it is possible for our bodies to start producing less lubricant or get a bit sore from all the stimulation. Lube can make sure you are enjoying the entire moment and not worrying about any part of you getting irritated. Of course, always use a body-safe lube. If you don’t know where to start, check out sex bloggers who write about safe lubricant ingredients.

You Might Hate It

The fun part about experimenting is that it is just an experiment! It’s not the rule you have to live by. If you try edging orgasms and absolutely hate it, then you don’t need to try again. It is possible that your body does not enjoy being teased in that way. It can lead to frustration over lack of climax and our brains can easily shut down orgasms altogether when feeling frustrated.

If you didn’t like it the first time but think it could be interesting to build up a powerful orgasm, then try it again in small doses. You don’t need to bring yourself to the edge 10 times. Instead, you can start with 2 or 3. Start small and work your way up if you’re enjoying it.

If you don’t like it, then there are plenty of other fun things in the bedroom for you to try! Dusk has quite a few ideas!

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