Top tips for speedy orgasms
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Top tips for speedy orgasms

By Rebecca Dane, 09.03.2020

Whether it is a partnered session or a solo one, these tips will have you moaning for more pretty quickly.

1. Turn Off The Phone!
First, you need to disconnect from the world around you. Don’t worry, you’ll get back on your phone in no time but having it near your while you’re trying to get turned on is just counterproductive. The blink of a light or the sound of a soft buzz will have your mind racing back to your social plans or work emails. Don’t just turn it on silent, physically have it outside of the room. This simple trick will change your mindset as well as prevent you from panicking and checking the clock!

2. Watch Porn(a)
One of the best ways to get turned on quickly is to watch some porn(a). If you’re short on time, then turn on a video that you know is going to work for you. If you’re really short on time, fast-forward to the fun parts that really get you going. Having a visual will help excite you and the sounds of the performers’ moans will help set the mood. If you’re new to watching porn(a), then spend some time browsing when you’re not in a rush so you can save some good videos for later.

3. Use Sex Toys
Sex toys are probably the greatest creation. If you need a little help orgasming, then grabbing your favourite toy might just work for you. Sex toys were invented for pleasure and if they help you achieve pleasure or orgasm then there is no reason to avoid using them. Bring them into bed with your partner, too! They’ll find it super hot using it on you or watching you pleasure yourself! Just make sure you’re using body safe materials.

4. Communicate!
If you’re having a quickie with your partner, then make sure you’re communicating what works for you. If you’re having a long session, then you can experiment to discover new pleasure zones or preferences. If you’re pressed for time, then you might need to be more direct. Communicating with your hands instead of your words can go a long way. Show your partner what to do – either by using your own hands (with or without a toy) or by guiding theirs. If you’re solo, then make sure you listen to what you like, not what you’ve heard other people enjoy.

5. Share The Work…
If you need double stimulation (for example: internal g-spot and clitoral), then get your partner to focus on one sensation while you focus on the other. This is great for involving the rest of your body too like nipple play or neck kisses. If you’re alone, then you always use your sex toy friends to help you out. Suction cup dildos are great for getting in a position that works for you while still being able to stimulate where you need.

6. Remove the Pressure
Possibly the worst thing for an orgasm is the pressure to orgasm. Sex in all forms (including masturbation) can be satisfying and fun without an orgasm. It doesn’t have to be the end goal, but if you put too much pressure for it to be a marker of success, then you might prevent it from happening. Focus more on pleasure than orgasm and it might enhance your enjoyment. It may or may not lead to an orgasm, but you’re going to have a better time playing around regardless.

7. Audio Stimulation
You know what is really hot? The sounds of sex; whether you are with a partner or not, feel free to moan loudly. Releasing your pleasure verbally will help keep your mind focused on the sensations and mentally excite you. If you are partnered, then try some dirty talk – you might discover it pushes you over the edge. If you love dirty talk and are solo, then download some erotic audio (or turn up the volume on some porn).

8. Push Out Other Thoughts
Those damn ‘to do’ lists and insecurities often get in the way of fully enjoying the moment. Whenever you feel them creep into your mind space, try to focus intensely on the sensations your body is experiencing. Actively tell your brain ‘no’, take a deep breath and focus on what feels good. You might benefit from talking to yourself about your motions. Describe to yourself what your hands are doing and you’d be amazed at how well you can distract yourself.

9. Work those Kegels
On a more technical level, doing your kegel exercises can really benefit your orgasms. Often, squeezing these muscles during masturbation will intensify all of the pleasure and can lead to an orgasm. This can help spread your arousal and also remind your body what you’re working towards.

If you’re going to take away any of this information, remember these points: focus on your mental state and do what feels right for you. This includes helping your partner understand what feels right for you. Everyone orgasms differently, but hopefully at least one of these tips allows you to get that quickie you’ve always wanted.

Happy playing!

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