This is how you reach multiple orgasms

This is how you reach multiple orgasms

By Janna, 06.03.2023

You’ve probably heard it before. Girlfriends telling you about their wild sex life, and guess what: they’re having multiple orgasms! How? Unlike men, women don’t need any recovery time after an orgasm. Lucky us! This makes it a lot easier to come several times in a row. So why settle for one time if we can have multiple? Follow the tips below and enjoy the ride.

Get in the mood

When you’re really horny, it’s more likely that your orgasm comes easily. So, also more likely that you can come multiple times. The higher the sexual energy, the easier it gets. So, don’t hesitate to put on that sexy outfit or to touch yourself. Do what works to get turned-on. 

Tease each other or yourself

Tease yourself or let yourself be teased by working towards a climax, but then taking a break just before the moment suprême. If that doesn’t build up tension, we don’t know what will. This way, you basically train your body for your next orgasm. Your first one will undoubtedly be explosive, and the training already prepared your body for the next one too. Which makes it easier to reach that second one … and third … 

No pressure

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself by thinking that you have to come. It’s not about the orgasm, just focus on the pleasure you’re experiencing. When you’re preoccupied with climaxing, you only make it harder for yourself. And then you’re lucky if you get there even once. It’s not a competition, right? 

Don’t wait too long

On the other hand, is the horniness racing through your body? Are you ready to come? Then just let it happen. As mentioned before, the female body does not need time to recover, so it’s recommended to start stimulation again within 30 seconds after your orgasm. Get it while it’s hot! If your clit is still a bit too sensitive, you can focus on the surrounding area. Or go for stimulation of other erogenous zones. Like the neck and breasts. Is your skin adorned with goosebumps again and are your nipples erect? Then you’re probably good to go again. 

And last but not least, the right sex position can also do wonders. Of course this is personal and different for everyone. If you want to reach multiple orgasms with your lover, choose a position that can provide steady stimulation to your clit. Like doggy style. Now who doesn’t love a good doggystyle?!

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