The best tips for an easy climax!

The best tips for an easy climax!

By Sabine, 28.04.2020

We all know that it takes women more effort to reach an orgasm than a man (unfortunately). What may be new to you is that there are several hacks out there to make reaching a climax so much easier. Since we are still in a kind of quarantine at home, you might have enough time to practice! Why don’t you try the next tips? 

Using your imagination while masturbating is really a must. You can get aroused by just the fantasy of sex or imagining your lover. And: it’s a fantasy, you don’t have to act it out, it’s all in your head so the sky’s the limit! 

Move your body
Have you ever been aroused by an activity like running or riding a bike? It’s because your body is in movement. When you move your body, it will create endorphins, the same matter that your body releases when you’re having sex. 

Stimulate several spots
By not concentrating on one specific spot but spreading the love, so to speak, you will reach that climax sooner a.k.a have a combined orgasm. Try stimulating your nipples, breasts, neck or the inside of your thighs, not just the clitoris. 

Train your pelvic muscles with kegels
Training your pelvic muscles is a very effective way to have a better orgasm. You can do this by using special vagina-kegelballs. They also give a great feeling of pleasure while training those muscles. A win-win situation!

Try out new masturbation positions
Maybe lying on your back is just not hot enough for you anymore. Why don’t you try and masturbate in a different position. On your hands and feet, lying on your stomach or standing up in the shower.

Let your thoughts flow
If we tell you not to think about a pink elephant, you will think of the pink elephant. This principle can be killing while having sex, because when you are thinking of climaxing, or having to climax, your just won’t reach it. That can be so frustrating. Just keep in mind that you can just enjoy the sex and that climaxing does not have to be a part of it. When you release that pressure in your head, you will enjoy it so much more. Don’t pressure yourself, just let your thoughts wander and it will all go with the flow.

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