Review: Womanizer Pro

Review: Womanizer Pro

By Sabine, 25.05.2016

Every week the Dusk Team reviews the hottest sex toys, varying from vibrators to lubricant and everything in between. In the section Play & Rate you’ll find the sharpest reviews!

This week: the Womanizer Pro.

“The Womanizer Pro is absolutely novel and gives you an unique orgasmic feeling. The revolutionary technology makes it possible to stimulate the clitoris without direct contact, thus avoiding overstimulation and hypersensitivity.” 

The Womanizer Pro is very compact, quiet (as it goes up to only 42dB) and has 8 intensity levels. The silicone stimulation head is exchangeable, it also has a light effect for when you’re using it in the dark and you can charge it via the USB port. Furthermore, it’s the world’s only PleasureAir stimulator – one that’s also embellished with real Swarovski elements. 

After reading the raving reviews about the Womanizer, I was absolutely psyched when I received the even more enhanced Womanizer Pro (W500). The new sleek design comes in five different colours, but I deliberately chose the leopard print (prrrretty!). It comes in a pretty box with a catalogue and enclosed there’s a storage bag, an extra (bigger) stimulation head, USB cable and manual. 

The description on the catalogue was so promising that I couldn’t wait to discover that “unique orgasmic feeling” for myself, thus I charged the Womanizer Pro via the hidden USB port right after unwrapping it (even though I was still at work). During its charge the stimulation head starts blinking with a green LED in progress, once it’s done the light becomes consistent. This is very helpful, because you know exactly when you can start your playtime…

When I came home, I carefully read the instructions and I was more than ready to come. The grip on the Womanizer Pro is pleasant due to the ergonomic shape, it’s easy to turn it on/off (just press it in for a while) and to switch between the intensity levels with the “-” and “+” buttons. Once I placed the stimulation head on my clitoris, I turned the Womanize Pro on starting with the first intensity level and then….. I had a MIND-BLOWING orgasm after not even a minute. Now, this might not sound special given that this is exactly what it’s supposed to do, but this… this really was something extraordinary. The feeling of the PleasureAir is hard to describe, but it feels oh so good. It’s literally as if the Womanizer Pro is sucking an orgasm out of you. Besides that, it’s not a loud toy, but it merely makes a soft buzzing sound when you’re using it. 

Although the result is the same, you can definitely not compare this to a vibrator – or any other sex toy for that matter. The feeling of the PleasureAir is weird and arousing at the same time, yet, there’s no build-up towards your climax as you have to keep the stimulation head on your clitoris the entire time. For me this was new and strange, and it also felt a bit lazy. I mean, you immediately reach your climax after you’ve placed the Womanizer Pro on the right spot and turn it on. Still, there’s no simpler way than this to be left dazed and amazed in orgasm heaven. I came faster than usual and my orgasm was way more intense than I’ve ever experienced while using a sex toy (I didn’t even get to multiple orgasms, because it was just too much for my clitoris to handle). 

Meanwhile, I’ve used the Womanizer Pro more times than I can count, because… well, I’m hooked. I love playing with the intensity levels and it’s perfect to get my “quick fix.” Intensity level 4 is the highest I used so far, but orgasm-wise it always feels like I’m beyond intensity level 1000. It’s fantastic.

The Womanizer Pro exceeded all my expectations: it’s easy to use, it feels amazing and in no time you have an astonishing orgasm. The whisper-mode is also definitely a plus. In my opinion every woman should experience the PleasureAir technique from the Womanizer Pro, because it’s like nothing you’ve experienced before. It is great for instant-pleasure or stress-relief between busy moments. The only point of critique I can think of (especially given the price) is that it’s not waterproof and you have to clean the ABS plastic body with a damp cloth. Nevertheless, for me the results of the Womanizer Pro are definitely worth its somewhat hefty price tag. It has an unique sucking sensation that leaves you satisfied in every sense of the word with mind-blowing orgasms. 


If you do love a build-up, try using a vibrator first and then switch to the Womanizer Pro when you’re close to an orgasm. It took me about 5 minutes to recover for my “shaken-legs-orgasm” and all I could say afterwards was “oh my God.” Or was it “oh my Pro?”

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