How to keep the romance going after Valentine’s Day

How to keep the romance going after Valentine’s Day

By Rebecca, 14.02.2019

Valentine’s Day is all about spoiling your partner! A new study by EdenFantasys, revealed that out of 2,000 polled Americans, 58 percent of people said they have better sex on Valentine’s Day than the rest of the year.

However, we don’t just want you to have great sex on one day of the year – we want you to feel good all year round!

Instead of writing about having a successful February 14, we’re going to talk about how to keep the romance going after Valentine’s Day. Have the great sex on Valentine’s Day and then find ways to strengthen your relationship throughout the year – making every February better than the last!

How to Keep the Romance Going:

#1. Plan Uninterrupted Time Together

It might seem like a cliché, but having a date night really works! More than just a date night, you need uninterrupted time together. That doesn’t have to mean getting dressed up and heading out for the night. That can mean putting on a movie and hiding away all distractions like your cell phones.

While it is recommended to do this weekly, try incorporating it once a month to begin if you’re feeling pressed for time. At the start of the month, sit down together over a calendar and decide when you will have your uninterrupted time together and then do not reschedule it. Treat it like an important meeting that cannot be rearranged for any other social plans or overtime work that pops up.

Date night doesn’t have to be at night either – just find a time that works for you. Go on a new hike once a month and turn your phones on “Do Not Disturb” or head to a new breakfast place to find the best pancakes in your city. Whatever you choose to do, make it a priority to continue it throughout the year.

#2. Surprise Your Partner

Surprises don’t have to be large, grand gestures or expensive gifts. Surprises can be as simple as picking up their favourite dessert or knocking something tedious off their to-do list. Even leaving little love notes around the house or in their favourite book can be a sweet, simple surprise. Unfortunately, relationships can have a tendency to fall into a routine that leads to predictability. This can quickly make it feel boring and unromantic.

One of the fun things about Valentine’s Day are the romantic gestures that your partner gifts you or that you do for your partner. These sweet surprises are part of the magic of the day, but they don’t need to be reserved for this one day of the year.

If you look at ‘surprises’ like random acts of kindness, it might help inspire a few simple ideas you can start implementing right away. Want to start somewhere easy? Bring them coffee in bed with a big smile on your face!

#3. Get Physical (Often)

Regardless of your sex life, you should still feel intimately connected through touch on a daily basis. Being physically close to someone can help you both feel secure within your relationship, which can strengthen all those other good feelings and lead to an overall more romantic relationship.

Hold hands while walking, give each other big hugs every morning before work, or spend time actively cuddling in bed before turning off the lights. Grab your partner’s waist while waiting in line, give them a shoulder rub while watching television, or join each other for a quick scrub in the shower. It doesn’t matter how you choose to express this intimacy, just make sure that you are physically touching each other every single day as a reminder that you love each other deeply.

Valentine’s Day can be a great reminder to spoil your partner and put their needs ahead of your own. However, this should not just be on one day of the year! Relationships need consistent work to make them stronger and better than ever – and that includes keeping the romance going all year round.

By spending uninterrupted time together, making sure to be physically intimate every day, and by surprising your partner with sweet gestures, you’ll have a happier, more romantic year and you won’t have to wait until February every year for that warm fuzzy feeling.

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