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10 things you didn’t know about porn

The internet is filled with it  There are over 26 million pornsites, that means 12% of the whole internet. Porn also stars in the top four search requests and 35% of all downloads The oldest pornfilm was made in 1896, just a year after the invention of film The French erotic film Le Coucher de la Mariée  was one of the first porn flicks. The duration of the film was seven minutes, ...

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6 bedside habits that kill your sexlife

Sex is always nice, but if you really want to reach the stars, these are the bad bedside habits you should totally ditch!  The lack of initiativeWe love it when a guy does it to you one more time, but why don’t you switch roles and show him what’s in store for the night (or morning, or noon..). It’s just not fair letting one of you do all the work and ...

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5 scenarios for kinky roleplay

Are you and your partner into roleplay, but are you getting bored of the standard nurse-patient or professor-student scenarios? Don’t worry! There are so many roleplay scenarios to try out and enjoy. Maybe you can go for something more kinky or naughty, a realistic or a fantasy scenario, you name it!  Why don’t you start off with these 5 scenarios!  Prisoner- Prison GuardA popular scenario in various drama series (Orange is ...

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How to keep your vulva healthy, fresh and juicy

We are overwhelmed by information about our vajayjay’s. There are numerous products created to make it smell like roses down there. Unfortunately those products are doing more harm than good for our vulva. There are however enough tips and tricks to help keep you all fresh and healthy!   Loose the wash emulsions for intimate care and vaginal douches Like our eyes, the vagina cleans itself. And you don’t wash your eyes out ...

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How to escape the quarantaine rut

Do you feel like staying at home this much has gotten you stuck in a rut? Has your sex life slowly been diminshed into a boring routine and are you yearning for some excitement? Well, don’t worry, we are here to help you! Everybody understands that the current situation is not beneficial for your sex life. Here are some tips and tricks to bring the sexy back into your relationship. How ...

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How to have a successful one night stand

You never know what to expect when you go home with somebody after a night on the town. These tips will help you to make a success out of your one night stand.  No expectationsYou can’t be disappointed when you don’t have any expectations. Go in with an open mind, don’t expect a huge cock or a perfectly kept pubic area and it will be better than expected. It’s all about ...

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How to sweeten up his sperm

It might be your favorite thing to do or maybe it’s just something you do for him, anyhow, we all do it;  the blow job. Whether you absolutely love it or you don’t, you will make your man the happiest guy if you give him one. To make it a treat for yourself too you have to make sure that his spunk is not funky (as Samantha experienced in Sex ...

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5 questions on sex addiction answered

A sex addiction can have a negative influence on your life. A lot of people think that being a sex addict, or hypersexual, is just about having lots of sex or thinking about it a lot. But there is more to it. We’ve collected the 5 most asked questions on sex addiction and answered them for you.  What is a sex addiction?You are a sex addict when your lust for sex ...

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Domination for dummies; how to call on your dominant side

In many BDSM relationships a dom/sub relation exists; one person is dominant, while the other is submissive. Even in ‘regular’ relationships one person tends to be more dominant than the other in the bedroom. For many people the man is the one to take control, but we know, of course, that’s not always the case. There’s no doubt that women can be in control too. And many men love it ...

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Why make-up sex is the best sex

All relationships go through the famous lovers quarrels. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Having a fight from time to time is healthy. You know it was all worth it while enjoying the make-up sex after. This sex is A-MA-ZING and all the anger you felt before has been completely replaced by passion. Why is this make-up sex so darn hot? Let us tell you why!  1.  Fighting is passion! You can’t ...

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