Some of History’s Scariest Sex Facts

October is Halloween themed! That means it’s time to shiver. For the sex positive activist it can often be tempting to look at attitudes towards sex and relationships around the world with a degree of despair. However the very fact that sex positivity is a movement that exists and is thriving shows just how far we’ve come as a society. Attitudes towards sex are changing for the better (especially in ...

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woman inbed with sextoy

How to maintain sexual wellbeing during COVID-19

Wellbeing is a fundamental need for human beings. In the Health and Social Care sector supporting the wellbeing of patients sits hand in hand with maintaining their safety and is always given attention and validity. However, it's fair to say that, during times of stress and adversity, we tend to let our own wellbeing slip. The current pandemic has put a lot of strain on people's wellbeing. Whether you've been isolating ...

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Woman in bed dreaming about sex

Sleep and Sex (Why You Need Both)

March 13th saw the celebration of World Sleep Day, which was a great excuse for all of us to justify getting our recommended 7-9 hours of sleep that we all require. However, if you’re not focusing on getting the same amount every night then you could just be short-changing your love life, alongside many other things.  The Benefits of Sleep Why is there a World Sleep Day anyway? Well, even though we ...

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Small dog in bed

Pets Ruin Sex Lives? Facts and Tips on Happy Sex while Owning Pets

Ah, pets. We love them. So much so, in fact, that 77% of US households (85 million families) own a pet.  But is there a downside to owning an animal? Especially when it comes to amorousness?  Sadly, so.  Pets Wreck Sex Okay, that might be a tad overdramatic, but it’s not entirely unfounded. There are a number of ways that owning a pet (especially a cat or a dog) can have a negative effect ...

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Romantic bed in airplane

‘Leave Them Breathless’: Altitude and Sex

Did you know that 17% of people have confessed to having sex on an airplane? Not only that but 52% of individuals said they’ve at least fantasized about it.  The appeal of the ‘Mile High Club’ may have less to do with the plane itself, though, and much more to do with the effects of flying. Because, let’s face it; airplane toilets and aisles are hardly sexy. Sex in the Sky When it ...

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Lover horoscope

How Your Horoscopes Affect Your Sex Life (Answer: They Don’t…Unless You Want Them Too)

Horoscopes are a good bit of fun. Surmised in ancient history by the Babylonians (and many other cultures), humans have been practicing the alignment of temperament, personality, and future prospects for thousands of years.  But what can your horoscopes tell you about yourself?  Not much to be honest.  The Truth About Horoscopes  Astrology in all its forms has long been debunked by the scientific community as having no explanatory relevance nor power over a ...

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drawing of a naked woman

Erotic Drawing and You

Do you get horny by drawing art? We recommend you to read this article! In this article, we'll tell you the erotic thoughts behind art. Anyone who studies Art History will tell you without hesitation that the history of art is intricately intermingled with the history of sex. Whether it’s the great renaissance classics (trying to justify the nudity of their subject through mythological themes) or artists such as Egon Schiele (who ...

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Man and woman in an airplane

Sex in an airplane

Is joining the Mile High Club worth the effort? The holidays are done and getaways are being promoted ready for the next year’s adventures. You know what that means: More chances to join the Mile High Club! What Is The Mile High Club? Even though this club involves flying, there are no fancy jackets involved. Quite the opposite, actually. The ‘Mile High Club’ (or MHC for short) is a slang phrase for ...

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Popcorn and movie tickets

A Night At The Movies: Movie Selections Pre-Sex

Sex and the movies have a complex relationship. For example, the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine found that 70% of sexual relations depicted in movies from 1983 and 2003 were between people who had only just met and, in total, 98% didn’t mention safer sex measures at all.  But movies aren’t just depicting sex in intriguing ways, they’re encouraging it too. For example, one study by Dartmouth University found ...

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Glassball in nature

Going Green: Getting Sexually Inspired by Nature

Ah, the great outdoors. Isn't it just lovely? So lovely, in fact, that it's almost romp-worthy. We say "almost" but the reality is that nature is absolutely inspirational for sex. According to studies of millenials, 51% have had sex outdoors, showing just how appealing going green can be… The AppealBut what is the appeal of having sex outside? There are likely multiple factors.For many young millennials it's partially a case of practicality. Many ...

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