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6 bedside habits that kill your sexlife

Sex is always nice, but if you really want to reach the stars, these are the bad bedside habits you should totally ditch! 

The lack of initiative
We love it when a guy does it to you one more time, but why don’t you switch roles and show him what’s in store for the night (or morning, or noon..). It’s just not fair letting one of you do all the work and it gets boring soon as well. 


Worry too much about your imperfections
Every woman is insecure about her body, or parts of it, disgruntled even. Lovehandles, stretchmarks, pimples, crooked toes…You name it. Be sure not to focus on that when you’re in bed together. Men like women who accept their body the way it is. When your head is filled with insecurities, you can’t focus and enjoy the sex. Let it go! 


Let your thoughts wander off
Your imperfections are not the only place your mind can go to. Distraction is a huge hurdle to overcome. It’s very stressful and the chance of having an orgasm is very slim. You know what helps us? Try to climax at the same time. 


Assume he knows where your head’s at
You can’t just assume he just knows what turns you on, a massage maybe, kisses in the neck? Let him know what you like by encouraging him with your moaning. Or just tell him what you like…


Don’t make any noise or make too much noise
Sounds of pleasure like moaning can be very arousing for both, but performing porn sound is often too much! There’s no need to act, it’s just distracting. 


Give up
It usually takes a woman longer to climax than a man, that’s just the way it is. So don’t give up when it takes a little longer to come. Patience is a virtue, and you know you’re worth it! 


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